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Centenarian food, useful information about the cause of longevity. Undoubtedly, a calm lifestyle without stress is the main factor, and immediately after it comes nutrition. Centenarians worldwide are concentrated in five main regions, which are called conditionally blue zones. Anyone who wants to learn the secrets of a long life can take an example of a healthy lifestyle. Here are the eating habits of centenarians in the blue zones

Centenarian food in Okinawa Japan

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6.5 people out of every 10,000 live there for up to 100 years. The diet in the area is more special because of the war period in the middle of the 20th century. After that, more milk, meat and rice are consumed here. Although traditional turmeric, seaweed and sweet potatoes are eaten less frequently than before, the habit of alternating foods from land and sea every day is still preserved. The most commonly consumed product is zucchini of the type momordica harantia. Also loved are garlic, tofu, brown rice, green tea and shiitake mushrooms.

Centenarian food in Sardinia, Italy

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Here the ratio of centenarians men and women is one to one. In comparison, in other blue zones, women live to be 100 years five times more often than men. The culprits are the key ingredients – goat’s and sheep’s cheese, called pecorino. Each person there consumes an average of 15 kg of them per year. Locals adore Mediterranean barley and wholemeal bread made into thin loaves. The most commonly used products are fennel – fennel, tomatoes, beans, chickpeas, almonds and wine of the Grenache variety. Residents of Sardinia say that fresh air and regular sex, which must be practiced every Sunday, also contribute to their longevity.

Centenarian food in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica


Here the so-called the holy trinity – pumpkin, beans and corn. Bananas, turnips, papayas, eggs and palm fruit, which is found only in these lands, are also loved. Ikaria, Greece Besides the Mediterranean diet, lentils, honey, legumes, goat cheese, potatoes, chickpeas, small papuda beans and fruits are also popular here. Fish and lamb are consumed in relatively small quantities. The people of Ikaria love feta cheese and lemons. Tea is consumed daily, and the most commonly used spices are sage and marjoram.

Centenarian food in Loma Linda, California, USA

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People here deny alcohol, cigarettes, dancing, television, the media, and anything else that can distract from the faith. Interestingly, unlike all other parts of the United States, there are almost no overweight people here. The people of Loma Linda follow a biblical diet that includes many fruits, vegetables and grains. Too much water is mandatory and sugar is forbidden. The main ingredients of the dishes are tofu, fish (especially salmon), legumes and cereals, avocados, oatmeal and soy milk.


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