Caprylic acid has all properties and benefits for human health. Coconut oil has gained popularity in recent years and began to be widely used in cooking. But did you know that coconut oil also contains a powerful antifungal agent? It consists of three important fatty acids: caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid.

Of these, caprylic acid is its most valuable active requirements for ingredients. Caprylic acid is known for its ability to kill Candida cells, as well as restore normal levels of stomach acidity, as well as boost immunity. For maximum effect, it is recommended to combine caprylic acid with other antifungal agents such as oregano oil, garlic and grapefruit seed extract.

Other healthy acids

Caprylic acid is also known for its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties and can help treat skin conditions and acne. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections, bladder infections and even gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Caprylic acid is not a probiotic, but it can help maintain the health of the digestive system through its anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Caprylic acid has been shown to help treat Crohn’s disease (inflammation of the gut).

Studies show that caprylic acid can help burn excess calories, which in turn leads to weight loss. Caprylic acid has been shown to help control weight. In addition to increasing energy expenditure and affecting fat deposition, caprylic acid also improves satiety. Caprylic acid has all properties and benefits for man body.

This means that it helps us feel full for a longer period of time. A study in China has shown that caprylic acid mixed with other oils may be helpful in controlling diabetes. Studies show that a ketogenic diet combined with caprylic acid supplements can help control the seizures that are inherent in epilepsy.

Doctors use caprylic acid as an energy source in patients suffering from chronic malnutrition, as it is easily absorbed and assimilated. It is suitable for patients who have diseases such as chronic diarrhea, steatorrhea and others.

How to take caprylic acid

Coconut oil contains caprylic acid, lauric acid and capric acid, three powerful antifungal agents that work great in combination. It is recommended to start by taking 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil every morning, then increase the dose to 5 tablespoons per day.