Chew food slowly
The secret to overtaking extra pounds is not in diet, but in long chewing

Chew food slowly to lose weight quickly, at least in a scientific study. The secret to overtaking extra pounds is not in diet, but in long chewing, Chinese scientists confirmed at the Harbin University.

The key to reducing excess pounds is not just changing diet and limiting calories, but the way you chew the food. According to scientists, long and careful chewing helps women eat less than usual by giving the feeling of satiety faster.

During an experiment, the researchers observed a group of 14 participants with normal weight and 16 with more rounded forms.

The average age of all volunteers varied between 18 and 28 years. Each girl had to eat a piece of cake while a device calculated how long she chewed the food.

The results show that when you chew each bite 40 times, you eat 12% less than those who chew only 15 times. According to scientists, slower feeding provides the brain with more time to digest the stomach signals that it is already full.

This will avoid overeating and you will learn to control hunger and appetite. On the other hand, the slower you eat, the more you reduce the hunger hormone – ghrelin.

lose weight quickly
this is the secret of a healthy diet to ensure the brain time that our stomach is full

There are two types of saturation – mechanically by filling the stomach and the true saturation that occurs when the milky foods enter the bloodstream and then into the brain.

Those who feed very quickly can only rely on mechanical satiety and stomach stretching to help ease their hunger. This is often the case with huge quantities that explain swelling, drowsiness, states indicating overeating.

Those who eat slowly and chew for a long time, calories reach the brain and cause satiety. These people are satiated in the middle of the meal and can even refrain from continuing or dessert.

This is also very important, except for weight loss, but also for those who want to keep their weight.

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