Fast and easy fruit cake for your family. A useful dessert for breakfast.

easy fruit cake
Fast and easy fruit cake for your family

Necessary ingredients of fruit cake
eggs – 3 pcs.
sugar – 1 h.
oil – 1/2 h.
fruit – – 2 hrs. grated apples, pears, quinces or whatever you want
walnuts – 1/2 teaspoon
flour – 2 h sifted
baking powder – 1 tsp.
vanilla – 1 tsp.
Sodium bicarbonate – 1 tsp. of each
How to prepare a fruit cake
Beat the eggs with a wire brush or fork (importantly not with a mixer), then add the other products, stirring after each. The order of addition is the same as listing the required products above.

Leave the flour last, before adding it to the mixture, mix it with baking powder, soda and vanilla. Mix the dry blended products with the others. Bake the pastry in a moderately heated oven.

Another Fruit cake

Fast fruit cake
necessary products and way of preparing this delicious dessert

Ingredients Necessary
oil – 100 g cow
eggs – 4 pieces
sugar – about 150 g
flour – 250 g
fresh milk – 1/8 l
lemons – grated lemon peel + a little lemon juice
baking powder – 1 sachet
fruits – 1/4 kg dried, fresh and fresh
salt – 1 pinch for the proteins

Method of preparation

Soak the pre-dried fruit in water so that it does not swallow. If you use fresh, cut them at retail and let them dry.
Beat the butter with sugar and add one egg yolk after the dew, then add a little flour and milk after each egg yolk.

Then add the lemon peel and juice and finally confuse with the pinch of salt. Then with the drained and dried dried fruits.

If you use fresh fruit, put them on the pastry after you have put it on before baking. Bake the pastry until ready in a moderate oven.

The best fruit cake is obtained with strawberries, peaches, apples, plums or grapes. With a mix of dried fruit is no less appetizing. Optionally, you can add your favorite nuts.