wine with fish
Why you should eat fish with wine

Consume fish with wine, that’s why you should eat fish with wine! With the coming of the winter, the risk of colds and illnesses increases as health experts recommend several basic food products to boost their immune system in cold weather.

The most recommended combination is wine and fish. The combination of the two foods can prevent chronic inflammation, as well as protect you from many diseases.

Eating fish with wine will increase your tone and stamina but also improve your health. Among the recommended foods that you should emphasize in winter are green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli and fresh fish, the Medicalnewstoday site reports.

These foods increase the amount of antioxidants in the body and reduce the number of free radicals. To achieve the same effect, you can eat avocados as well as a glass of red wine and a glass of green tea a day.

In cold weather, it is advisable to limit foods such as chip

fish with wine
The most recommended combination in the evening

es and pasta as they increase the acidity of the body and weaken immunity, making it easier to get sick.

In the winter, we need more minerals and vitamins than usual and for this reason it is nice to have fruit and vegetables every day on our menu. Besides fish, you can eat potatoes and eggs more often because they supply your body with important trace elements.

Ingredients Necessary. Fish – 4 servings per 150 grams of choice, oil – 4 tablespoons ketchup, – 6 tablespoons, red wine – 100 ml, lemon – 1 pc. garlic – 2 cloves, black pepper, salt, olives – black and green.

Heat the fat and fry until the fish you have sprinkled and sprinkle with a little lemon juice. Take out the fish, store it warm, add the ketchup, lemon juice, wine, pressed garlic, and season with pepper and salt in the frying fat.

Boil the sauce and cook for several minutes on moderate fire. Slice the fish thoroughly with sauce and garnished generously with olives.