Can the combination of fish and milk poison us? Is the combination of fish and milk dangerous to eat or is it just an old myth? Consumption of both products is controversial, as many people have complained of stomach pains after eating them. Fish and milk in combination cause the interaction between protein molecules, which leads to mild stomach discomfort.

The combination of fish and milk is considered incorrect
Combination fish and milk

However, not everyone who has consumed these two products develops stomach pain. Since both foods are a rich source of protein, it is possible that their simultaneous consumption in the body can cause different biochemical processes that interfere with each other, which can sometimes have unpleasant consequences.

The other possible cause of the side effect is related to the risk of accumulation of bacteria in canned fish – Clostridium botulinum or Bacillus subtilis, which can get into the cans and develop in the created anaerobic environment. But even if both products are well preserved, there can be no question of poisoning.

Because most fish are high in mercury, combined with milk, your stomach problems are guaranteed, most experts say. Rarely do people eat completely fresh fish. More often it is canned, frozen, smoked, salted or dried, which makes it more difficult to pass through the digestive tract.

Fish and milk combination

This means that any dubious combinations with fish are not recommended. According to some people who often consume fish and milk together, there is no danger of combining the two foods. In some countries, marinated fish with fresh milk and white fish in milk sauce are available as exotic dishes.

This shows that tradition is not always in agreement with science. However, it is unacceptable for trainees to mix the two products, as they will slow down their absorption by the body. By this logic, rice should not be combined with meat, eggs and meat, meat and milk, eggs and milk. We go back to the time of our grandparents.

With the exception of people living near the sea or the Danube, breaded fish has rarely been eaten. It has been preserved, very often at home. Preserving fish at home poses many risks, and many canned fish contain botulinum bacteria, which are dangerous to human health. However, if they are taken in combination with milk proteins, serious food poisoning can occur. Including life-threatening.

That is, the consumption of yogurt or fresh milk with marinated fish should be really taboo, especially if you are not sure about the manufacturer of canned fish. Can we then eat fresh fish and milk? We know that there are many options for baked fish, which is served with milk sauce.

The combination of fish and milk is considered incorrect
The combination of fish and milk is considered incorrect

We enjoy it well and do not feel any discomfort after consuming it. Yes, such a combination is possible, as long as you do not overdo it. You will not be poisoned, but you will eat too much protein, which is not recommended if you want to have a slim figure and enjoy good health. And fish has a lot of protein, and in all dairy products.

So pamper yourself with a sophisticated trout recipe topped with a fragrant milk sauce, but don’t indulge in this combination more than once a month. Ayurveda also believes that there are foods that we should not combine. The study defends this theory. Because it believes that the combination of certain foods in everyday life can cause allergies and disrupt metabolism. Ayurveda strictly forbids the mixing of fish and milk, fish and eggs, milk and fruits, chicken and milk, fruits and vegetables, honey and vegetable oils, olives and milk, cheese and milk, meat with fish, bread or potatoes.