Classic walnut cake that will be wonderfully combined with the desserts from the Dynasty cake. Look at the recipe I offer because I strongly recommend you the white cream and the black cream.

Products for swamps for Classic walnut cake

6 eggs

Classic walnut cake
A classic walnut cake that will be wonderfully combined with the desserts

200 g of sugar
1 hrs. ground walnuts
75 g breadcrumbs
1/2 teaspoon baculber

For syruping on Classic walnut cake

50 ml of brandy, cognac or whiskey mixed with 100 ml of cold water

Cream products

140 g ground walnuts
100 ml of fresh milk
200 g of soft butter
170 g of powdered sugar
Products for glaze

150 g of white chocolate
40 ml liquid unsweetened cream
20 g butter

Look at the recipe
Look at the recipe on a Classic walnut cake

Preparation on Classic walnut cake

To make the ponds first break the yolks very well with 2/3 of the sugar.

Separate the snowflaps separately, adding the remaining sugar at the end and whipping until you get solid tips. In a bowl, mix walnuts, breadcrumbs, baking powder and vanilla. To the broken egg yolks, whisk the proteins and the dry mixture by alternating them. Stir carefully with a blade or stirrer, not a blender.

Pour the dough into a 26 or 28 cm cake, covered with baking paper. Bake the marsh in a preheated 170 degree Celsius oven for about 25 to 30 minutes. Check your readiness with a toothpick. For creams, boil the walnuts and fresh milk for a few minutes. You will get a very dense mixture.

Let them cool off well. Brush the oil along with the powdered sugar and vanilla on a fluffy cream. Add walnuts and whisk again. Cut the swamps in the middle. Place one half in a dish and sprinkle with half of the alcohol. If you do not like the taste of alcohol in pastries, skip it and syrup with fresh milk.

piece of walnut cake
Classic walnut cake and thank you from heart

On the swamps apply the cream, cover with the second swamp and again syrup. For glaze mix all the products and heat them either on a hob or in a MW oven. Stir until smooth and until the glaze is slightly warm, pour it onto the cake. Garnish with whole nuts. I have enjoyed your culinary art for a long time!

You have a very fine, very elegant handwriting in the kitchen (I do not brush you, I really think it). Maybe that’s why I haven’t used to repeat something on your recipe so far. But … this cake tempts me. Yesterday I did it, it’s great! It was very good! The only thing I’ve changed is chocolate for glaze – I used dark because my husband is not a big fan of white chocolate. We liked it very much, thanks for the recipe! I will certainly try out your other recipes and share the results