Chocolate cake with hazelnuts
Chocolate cake is prepared for 70 minutes

Chocolate cake with hazelnuts, our soul sells for a piece of this incredibly delicious, melting and strong chocolate cake! “Chocolate cake is prepared for 70 minutes.

Necessary Ingredients of Chocolate Cake

For the  layers of the chocolate cake
eggs – 7 pcs.
sugar – 7 tablespoons
flour – 7 tablespoons with a peak
baking powder – 10 g
cocoa – 2 tablespoons
For the cream of the chocolate cake
hazelnuts – 300 g
liquid chocolate – 500 g

delicious chocolate cake
Wait a few hours before consuming the cake

oil – 50 – 60 g
chocolate – 100 g black (solid)
cream – 200 ml bits
cream – 350 – 400 ml sour
powdered sugar – 200 g
cocoa – 1 tablespoon
for the syrup
water – 600 ml hot
sugar – 300 g
for glaze
chocolate – 300 g of milk
hazelnuts and   cream.

Method of preparation

First prepare the  layers. Remove egg whites. You must leave egg yolks in shell or other appropriate containers to stay separate from each other. Proteins are broken down into hard snow, then gradually add a spoonful of sugar.

Add the yolks one at a time to the purpose of breaking down the mixture very well. To ensure you can add 10 grams of baking powder to the flour. To the egg mixture is gradually added the pre-cocoa flour.

Prepare the mixture in a pre-spread form and bake for about 40-45 minutes in a preheated 200-g oven. Removes, allowed to cool and divided into 2 or 3 swamps.

For cream: Melt the liquid chocolate in a water bath with the oil and stir until a smooth mixture is obtained. In a separate container, melt 100 g of chocolate on a soft heat.

Add the sour cream and stir until a smooth cream is made, making sure it does not boil. Remove from the hot plate and add the sour cream, powdered sugar and cocoa and whisk with a mixer.

Finally add whole hazelnuts and mix by hand. Heat the water, add the sugar and stir until it dissolves completely. Syrupy the lower blade. Apply the melted liquid chocolate in succession, add 1/2 of the cream hazelnuts on top.

Place the second bladder and repeat the procedure. Put the third blade, syrup it, smear it with a thin layer of cream and pour it with fused milk chocolate.

The rest of the cream cream is used to make the cake to the side. Store for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator and serve well chilled.

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