Very useful sugar substitutes

Very useful sugar substitutes and how we can sweeten your food with fruit or herbal syrups, and they do not use any sweet? There is a way everything is beneficial to our health, and pleasant to the palate. We present to you 10 useful alternatives to sugar to use. Number one to our favorite dates. Some varieties of figs are very soft and sweet. They are well able to sweeten troubled modern drinks, which represent a blender mixes of fruits and vegetables.

In stores bioproducts we can find even date syrup. Probably guessed, but agave syrup is also an alternative to sugar. Agave is a type of Mexican cactus. From its leaves, gets very sweet syrup. Despite its sweetness, he has a very low glycemic index and compared with cane sugar is at a ratio of 15:70. There are discreet taste that does not change the flavor of the fruit. In preparation just to be careful not to boil long to not become bitter. See the gallery above what more you can successfully replace sugar.

The best sugar substitutes

10 Alternatives to Refined Sugar

Maple syrup

The maple syrup is the perfect addition to pancakes. It is rich in manganese and minerals. There antioxidant;

Palm syrup

Fluid Ceylon palm, from which is extracted palm syrup is delicious and rich in vitamins. It also has a low glycemic index. It slowly increases the level of glucose in the blood. It can be used as a topping for various creams and cakes;

Rice syrup

Rice syrup: healthy alternative to other sweeteners? - naVitalo

Rice syrup has a slight taste. Quite suitable to sweeten cereals and and blends well with the aroma of chocolate;


This wonderful fruit can quite successfully sweeten homemade ice cream for example. We can use frozen along with other fruits and sweet enough even for ice cream. It is suitable for sweetening and various baked goods and creams;


Stevia has a strong sweetening properties and its taste slightly reminiscent of anise. Its caloric content is zero! We can sweeten the bitter teas, as one cup is enough tiny pinch of dried leaves of stevia. In Japan, stevia is used as a sweetener than 50 years;

Coconut sugar

Coconut Sugar - 2 kg – Cha's Organics

In India, this highly aromatic brown sugar added kind of palm. It is also used for medical purposes. Coconut flavor improves the taste of sweets and gives them a unique flavor;


Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. It combines perfectly with fruit baked, stewed fruit and herbal infusions. n order not to change the authentic taste, it is recommended to add at the end of cooking or baking;


Malt là gì? Khám phá cách tạo ra malt bia

This syrup sprouting barley has a dark color and is quite strong taste. But he sweetens moderate. Malt is used in the production of beer and whiskey.

Suitable for salty-sweet recipes and dishes. We can use it as a topping for ice cream or on a slice of bread.

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