Vegan foods that eliminate the feeling of anxiety and discomfort

People’s anxiety comes as an uninvited guest, which remains more than necessary. More and more people in our times suffer from such attacks. You should know that food in such cases is of great importance – there are vegan recipes foods that can quickly and easily help us to deal with the problem and those that will make the situation even worse. Here are some examples of useful vegan foods if you are among the people who are victims of so-called panic attacks:

Vegetarian recipes

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The nuts are rich in vitamin B, which soothes the nervous system. In addition, the high magnesium and calcium content of nuts favors cell conduction and muscle movement.

Ginger root

Ginger | Description, Plant, Spice, Rhizome, Uses, Flavor, & Facts |  Britannica
Supplements containing ginger quickly and effectively reduce the painful sense of anxiety. You can easily make home-made tea from ginger, squeezed or planted root, added to other fruit or vegetable juice or salad.

Green leafy spices and vegetables

If we add more greenery to salads and main dishes, it means we automatically increase our levels of iron, vitamin B and omega-3, calcium and magnesium.

Bean cultures

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The products of the Bobov family largely regulate our sleep, mood and behavior. They are readily available and relatively inexpensive, and can supply our body with its much-needed protein that we are accustomed to mainly associating animal products.


Like legumes, and bananas contain a large amount of tryptophan, which calms us and favors our sleep and mood.


Cranberry hay trái nam việt quất là gì? Những công dụng của cranberry

Try adding a bunch of blueberries to your morning turmoil or your favorite cheesecake and you will feel their incredible power. The high content of Omega-3 fatty acids strengthens and contributes to the overall performance of our immune system.


8 Health Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves

Guava is a product that is less common in our markets, but if you get stuck somewhere on the stands, do not hesitate to buy. Not only looks good, smells amazing and is irresistibly tasty, but also contains a large amount of vitamin C that improves the impaired function of the adrenal glands (a frequent side effect of the permanent).

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