Useful properties of soy
According to recent studies, the beneficial properties of soy have been proven in the diet and health

According to recent studies, the useful properties of soy have been proven in the diet and health of 68,412 women aged between 40 and 70 years in Shanghai, made the following conclusions: “After specifying the age, calendar year of birth, and total energy intake , food consumption of soy is associated significantly with reduced risk of colorectal cancer.

We found that the risk of colon cancer decreased with increasing intake of soy, especially among postmenopausal women. The risk decreases by more than 30% among women who were the first group in quantity soy food intake compared with women who were in the last group on the intake of soy food, “say the authors of Vanderbilt University.

Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly disease among women in the UK after breast cancer, killing 16,600 every year, representing 1 out of every 10 cases of cancer among women. Experts from the World Wide Fund for Cancer Research (WCRF), said that the results are exceptional.

beneficial properties of soy

According to them, “These findings are exciting because this is a carefully done study in which participants consume soy food at different levels. This means that you can understand how soy affects cancer risk. The study shows that the risk of cancer colon decreases with increasing intake of soy and this is particularly true in postmenopausal women. ”

These findings may explain the fact that many fewer people in countries like China and Japan, where soy is a major product in the diet, develop colon cancer compared with Western countries, where soy consumption is low. Soybeans are eaten purposes, by boiling in water with salt, while soybean is generally commonly used term, for example as an alternative to dairy products like milk, yogurt and cream cheese.

 beneficial properties of soy
Useful properties of soy for the prevention of colon cancer

Also there is a niche market on soy supplements for those who are confident in their healthy properties. Soybeans also helps to reduce cholesterol levels. However, the researchers would like to see results that are repeated among women who are not Asians have different genetic origins, different lifestyle than those who participated in the study before they can give advice on health based on new research.

“If we can confirm these findings, this will mean that products like tofu and soy beans in the diet of women will be something positive that women could do something to reduce the risk of colon chervo.

The best ways to prevent cancer is to eat food plant-based without much salt and alcohol to be physically active and maintain a healthy weight. “Soybeans – If overdone it may be difficult absorption of iron and lead to iron deficiency anemia. A more prolonged consumption of large amounts of soy can cause uterine cancer. Despite these negative qualities if soy is consumed moderately, it is useful for the body.