Nutritional ingredients of dates

Nutritional ingredients of dates are centuries old how are delicious, and so useful fruits. Not surprisingly, there is an old Arab proverb that says that they hide so many benefits as there are days in the year.

And even if the pharmacy is convinced this statement, because the market offers many products containing extracts of dates.
Dates are very rich in vitamins C, A and those of B group, and countless amino acids while not contain fat. Contain no cholesterol.

From everything said above that it is advisable to Eat regularly from this sweet fruit, but according to recent studies, it may even protect us from stroke, colon cancer and high blood pressure. Here’s what you need to know about the consumption of dates:

– Dates are very rich in magnesium, so they reduce the risk of most diseases of the heart. Magnesium also has anti-inflammatory properties;
– Dates protect the human body from fatigue and give energy. This is due to the fact that they are rich in vitamins;
– Dates are particularly recommended for athletes and all those who lead an active lifestyle because support stamina and reduce levels of bad cholesterol;

Delicious dates

Dates: 9 Benefits for Fiber, Antioxidants, and Pregnancy

– Dates are also recommended for pregnant women as it protect against anemia and constipation, which is characterized precisely pregnant.

This is, however, if as soon as you enjoy a drink dates 2 2 h. H. Warm water. This will save from the digestive discomfort;
– Most experts state that dates act as a prophylactic against disease due to its high content of magnesium and calcium;
– Dentists are also fans of dates and recommend them to their patients because fruits contain fluorine, and we all know that it protects teeth from decay occurs;
– Last but not least it should be mentioned that the dates are recommended to be consumed by people suffering from asthma and other lung problems. According to some scientists act prophylactically as a means for preventing cancer.

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