Peaches against hypertension and cancer

Peaches against hypertension and cancer delicious fruit that you like and cook different recipes, pastries, cakes, even combined with meat. But did you know that they are exceptional healing properties? Peaches contain a high content of potassium and are recommended for high blood pressure, arrhythmia and abnormal heart rhythm.

To normalize the rhythm you need to drink 250 ml juice of this fruit for 15-20 minutes before eating. This also applies to people suffering from anemia and stomach problems. Peaches stimulate the formation of hemoglobin. In fruits and has iron easily assimilated by the body, which helps in anemia.

Peaches are rich in vitamin C – just one fruit provides the body with 3/4 of the required daily dose. This gives them an antioxidant effect. In addition to delay aging, fruit neutralize the effects of free radicals, thereby protecting the body against the formation of malignancies.

They are also rich in vitamins from group B, folic acid, vitamin PP, E, K. Peach contains carotene, essential oils, organic acids, citric, malic, tartaric, phosphorus, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and selenium. Even if preserved, bake or drought this fruit he retains valuable qualities.

For the digestive system it is also very useful because it contains soluble fiber. Peaches help to digest the heavier foods prevent nausea and vomiting. People suffering from reduced acidity of gastric juice and constipation nice to take 50 ml freshly squeezed juice from peaches fasting. Peaches enhance immunity, recommended to strengthen the young, elderly and ill people. They destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the body. The healing properties have an effect on rheumatism, kidney patients, depression.

Benefits of peaches

How to Store Peaches So They Don't Bruise

Peaches are the perfect fruit diets. They are very low – contain 44 kcal in 100 years Consuming 4 peaches day not only helps in losing weight, but also enriches menu with a number of useful substances. In peaches contains elements that tend to retain moisture in the skin. Thus they add freshness to your face and prevent wrinkles. Peaches are used in many cosmetic products for that reason. Fruit acids in peach remove dead skin cells and brighten skin tone.

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