Milk chocolate useful or harmful

Milk chocolate useful or harmful to children and the elderly. We’ve all heard about the damages and benefits of black chocolate and cocoa. The milk version of treat is a controversial temptation, on the other hand. The reasons are logical – a higher amount of sugar and more palm oil, which is harmful to the body and can cause narrowing of the arteries.

eating milk chocolate
eating milk chocolate

The fact is that most people prefer milk to black chocolate because of the above-mentioned ingredients that make it even more delicious. What is the truth though? Let’s look at the benefits and damages of milk chocolate! Black chocolate is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that help fight cardiovascular disease.

And while in the natural temptation these ingredients are in greater quantity, they are still contained in milk chocolate. A recent study among more than 20,000 people, all of whom consume milk chocolate, have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. This is due to the popular opinion that chocolate reduces stress – mineral magnesium plays an important role there.

Another benefit of milk chocolate – it reduces stress. Sweet temptation reduces the formation of cortisol – the stress hormone. It also stimulates the formation of hormones endorphin and dopamine, which contribute to proper brain function, good mood and prevents depression. Chocolate is also useful for the brain and the entire nervous system.

dark chocolate eating
dark chocolate eating

Even in dark chocolate, there is a large amount of magnesium that is important for the proper functioning of all systems throughout our body. However, the fact is that black chocolate is more useful than milk.

Firstly, because of the smaller amount of sugar, secondly because of the higher amount of cocoa and cocoa butter, thirdly, it is rich in fiber, which is hardly present in the sweeter variation of cocoa temptation. Do not forget – whatever you eat, do it responsibly – because 50 grams of chocolate contain about 300 calories.

Be careful about the amount of fat and sugar. Not only calories are important but also what they come from. Coconut oil is useful and is a real super food, unlike palm fat that our body does not process, and it damages it with accumulation.

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