Modern black foods that are amazing

black pasta

Definitely try modern black foods that are amazing

Modern black foods that are amazing and feel their taste. The black color usually associated with power, strength, glamor and elegance – at least with regard to the world of fashion and decor.

Black enters as fashion and in culinary products. Although hard to imagine them, food that will now tell you already fought and black, so get used.

Keep in mind, however one if you decide to try them – must wash their teeth well after using any of these products:

1. Black paste – chefs in many famous restaurants rely on the black paste if it is several classes above the ordinary.

Receive it as in its preparation using squid or cuttlefish ink. Its taste does not differ very much apart from the fact that it is slightly saltier than regular pasta;

2. Black ice cream – whatever color is the ice cream he always has many admirers. However, add color and eccentric, it is guaranteed to attract the attention of many kids and teens;

3. Black garlic – commonly used in Korean dishes. Obtained after lung garlic is dried by heating and slowly caramelized;

Modern black foods that overwhelming

making only certain parts of the world and have a specific taste and smell

4. Black chicken – There are several different types of chickens, which are black, but only one of them coming from Indonesia is fully black – from feathers to bones.

We can not comment on anything about the taste because we have tried and that is unlikely we will be able to allocate $ 2,500 to eat a black hen;

Modern black foods that overwhelming

5. Black burgers – black bread and black cheese will surprise already customers of Burger King in Japan;

If slaves of fashion should immediately try the suggested foods to not fall behind because they do not know how many more new things can come up to tomorrow.



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