Health benefits of arugula

Health benefits of arugula, this still unpopular vegetable in our country, is slowly and surely becoming a symbol of refined and selected taste. The fresh greens, combined with the nutty aroma and spicy note, similar to mustard, make it an ideal ingredient in all kinds of green salads, pastas, pizza and other dishes coming from Italian cuisine.

Useful properties of arugula, in addition to rich taste, enjoys countless perfect ingredients. The distant relative of cabbage, cauliflower and turnips has a small amount of calories, which are offset by a large amount of nutrients. Its healing properties are mainly due to the large amounts of vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant that increases the body’s defenses.

Vegetables against spring fatigue, are also helps clear toxins. The beta-carotene in arugula is processed by the body and converted into the anti-cancer vitamin A. The sulforaphane in vegetables also has anti-cancer properties. This makes it the number one food in the fight against all diseases. In addition, a solid dose of vitamin A protects against the hot rays of the sun.

All the benefits of Arugula

What Is Arugula?

Arugula also contains vitamins B2, B5, B6, as well as a lot of fiber. Vitamin B deficiency leads to unexplained fatigue and laziness. Regular intake of arugula regulates metabolism and helps the body cope with fatigue. Arugula salad is recommended for predisposed or already suffering from anemia. It brings the body a valuable dose of iron. The ingredients of arugula make it a wonderful food for any diet. 100 g of vegetables contain only 25 calories.

The bitter taste also promotes the release of toxins. Another interesting benefit of arugula is in favor of expectant mothers. It contains the much-needed folic acid. 100 g of salad provides half the daily ration of it. The most useful is fresh arugula, coarsely chopped. Season with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan. If the taste is too spicy for your senses, it is best to use it as a seasoning for lettuce or spinach salad. Arugula goes best with Mediterranean products.

Dishes made from arugula

Quick Guide to Arugula – A Couple Cooks

Arugula, with its peppery flavor and crisp texture, is a delight in the world of greens. It lends dishes a subtle kick, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Imagine a bed of fresh arugula, lightly kissed with a vinaigrette, serving as a nest for a medley of roasted beets and goat cheese. The sweetness of the beets, creamy tang of the cheese, and the arugula’s boldness perform a dance of flavors and textures on the palate that’s both refreshing and satisfying.

There’s a whimsical joy in tossing arugula into a hot pizza, where it gently wilts atop the steaming cheese, adding a fresh, almost herb-like contrast to the rich, savory notes of the dish. It’s like watching a green wave of freshness cascade over a classical landscape of flavors.

Wrapping it into a delectable prosciutto and arugula sandwich offers a conversation between salty and spicy, crunchy and soft – each bite is a narrative of its own, full of character and zest.

Incorporating arugula into meals creates a culinary sonnet, where each verse introduces a new layer of flavor and sophistication. It brings an elegant simplicity to salads, pastas, and even simple garnishes that elevates the dining experience with minimal effort. One cannot help but admire its versatility and spirited contribution to gastronomy.

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