Healing decoction of rosehip

Healing decoction of rosehip does wonders for your body! Rosehip – a great source of vitamins, macro and micro elements, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils and organic acids. This plant is widely used by doctors, pharmacists, perfumers and manufacturers of pet foods and beverages.

People have learned to use and consume everything from wild rose – from roots to its fruits. Alcoholic tinctures, infusions and teas can be made from valuable small fruits. Various potions and infusions Rosehip help to keep your body in good condition, also for the treatment of certain diseases.

But it is important to know how to process and how to extract the maximum nutrients contained in fruits and seeds of the plant. Most useful are fresh fresh rose hips received several weeks after maturation. Fresh berries are delicate and require gentle care for the extraction of vitamins, minerals and other natural components in the plant.

It is good before using to wash them thoroughly and remove outer hair and rough layer that get stuck in the throat can cause itching, pain and even cough.

Press and crush with a fork washed fruits so that they get a mix like porridge. Put the mixture in a glass container, thermos or a jar and pour warm water approximately 60-degree temperature. The ratio of water is 5 ml per gram weight slurry of rosehips.

Tea rosehip

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Close glass container and let stand for 40 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth or a fine sieve. Take the liquid and mash put in the pot and pour water. The ratio of water, porridge, this time is 1 tsp of porridge with 500 ml of water. Put on the stove and cook porridge with water half an hour.

Strain again, cool the liquid and mix it with the separated first infusion. Upon consumption can add honey and lemon. The healing properties of rose hips are known to people for centuries. In centuries back healers have not heard of minerals, vitamins and flavonoids, but are known as rosehip remedy for many diseases.

Treated with infusions of hip scarlet fever, anemia, diarrhea, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, problems with bile and many others. Modern researchers have found in Shipka huge reservoir of vitamins C, E, P, as well as trace elements such as manganese and copper.

However, there are contraindications to the use of hips, people with gallstones, acute gastro-intestinal diseases, allergies and thrombophlebitis should avoid fruits. It is important to know that daily consumption of decoctions or infusions of rose hips is well supervised by specialists in nutrition and doctors, it is also very important after using Chipkova infusion to rinse your mouth with water to not harm tooth enamel, especially in children and pregnant women.


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