Hazelnut cake with saffron cream

A fragrant and very tasty hazelnut cake with saffron cream.

Products for hazelnut cake with saffron cream

5 proteins

Hazelnut cake with saffron cream

Hazelnut cake with saffron cream

150 g of sugar
150 g ground hazelnuts pre-baked
2 tablespoons fresh
grated bark of 1/2 lemon
2 vanilla

for the cream

1 liter of fresh milk
10 tablespoons of sugar
8 tbsp or 150 g
5 yolks
100 g of white chocolate
250 g butter
2 clams of saffron
1 vanilla
wild berries of choice
coconut for sprinkling

Preparation on hazelnut cake with saffron cream

Beat the snow proteins until you get solid tips. Add sugar to parts by continuing to crush until completely dissolved. In a bowl, mix the hazelnuts, flour, lemon peel and vanilla.

Add them to the protein mixture and gently stir with a blade. Bake the dough in three corns in a cake-like form, covered with baking paper in an oven preheated to 170 *.

very tasty hazelnut cake

Balanced and very tasty hazelnut cake with saffron

In a saucepan mix the flour, sugar, saffron and vanilla. Gradually add the milk and yolks.

Boil thick cream. While the cream is still hot, put the chocolate, broken into pieces.

Let the cream cool. Beat the foam oil and add it to the cold cream. Finally, blow up everything with a mixer.

Assemble the cake by rubbing the cream between the peel. On each layer of cream set the fruit.

Smash the cake on the side and top with cream, sprinkle with coconut and garnish with fruit.

Because the cake you see was a gift not garnished with fruit, but with flowers and chocolate.

A very delicious and gentle cake with a unique aroma of saffron and hazelnuts.

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