Glazed mousse with strawberries

Glazed mousse with strawberries

The most romantic and fragrant spring dessert mousse glazed strawberries

The most romantic and fragrant spring dessert glazed mousse with strawberries . And if you do not have patience, you can prepare and frozen strawberries.

Necessary Ingredients for glazed mousse with strawberries

Eggs – 5 pcs. proteins, sugar – 250 g salt – 1 pinch, strawberries – 600 g cream – 250 g, fruit liqueur – 2 tablespoons

Preparation of glazed mousse with strawberries

Two hundred grams of sugar are flooded with 70 milliliters of water, boil and remove from heat. Half strawberries are cleaned and Strain. Proteins are broken down with the salt of snow. Add the strawberry puree and half liqueur.

Beat the cream and add to the protein mixture. Divide into bowls or cups and leave in the freezer for 3 hours. The remaining strawberries mixed with the remaining sugar and the remaining liqueur and Strain. This mixture is frozen mousse glazed and served immediately.

Raspberry mousse

Necessary Ingredients

Fresh or frozen raspberries – 400 g sour cream – 300 g liquid cream – 200 ml unsweetened), red wine – 100 ml, powdered sugar – 100 g gelatin – 2 packets.

raspberry mousse

Appropriate for your dessert table raspberry mousse

Preparation of raspberry mousse

Sprinkle with sugar and raspberries with wine put them in a pan on the stove to boil. Once turn and tender, capture and blend.

Strain mixture through a metal sieve and more hot syrup to dissolve the swollen gelatin in advance. Stir until dissolved and put in a bowl of ice water to cool, stirring again.

To cool raspberry mixture, stir sour cream until the cream mix. Finally, add the beaten liquid cream.

Thus prepared raspberry mousse spill into dessert cups or bowls and put in a few hours in the refrigerator to set.

Similarly, you can prepare as glazed zucchini, glazed vegetables or glazed chicken wings in the oven. It’s all in your imagination, use it wisely and easy.



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