Why Eat vegetables and fruits at the right time

As the first light of dawn creeps through my window, painting soft streaks of color across the room, I am gently reminded of the rhythms that nature so elegantly composes—the ebb and flow of tides, the cycle of seasons, and the innate wisdom of when to sow and when to reap. It is this harmonious cadence that guides my thoughts towards the importance of aligning our eating habits with the natural order, particularly when it comes to the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

There’s a certain quiet joy in savoring produce at its seasonal peak, not only for the burst of flavor it offers but also for the deep connection it fosters with the world around us. The crispness of an apple in autumn, the vibrant sweetness of berries in summer, the earthy richness of root vegetables in winter—each has its moment, its perfect point in time. Embracing this philosophy in our daily lives can transform the simple act of eating into an experience that nourishes both body and soul.

In this blog post, I wish to share the gentle art of eating fruits and vegetables at the right time, a practice that has brought serenity and balance to my own life. Whether you seek to enhance your health, deepen your environmental consciousness, or simply enjoy the heightened flavors that come with seasonal eating, this journey is one of discovery and delight. Let us explore together how tuning into nature’s calendar can elevate our meals from mere sustenance to a celebration of life’s cyclical beauty, creating a symphony of tastes that resonate with the very essence of well-being.

Eat vegetables and fruits at the right time

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Eat vegetables and fruits at the right time to absorb the best ingredients. Children are accustomed to us reiterate that consumption of fruit and vegetables is essential for every human organism and that these products should regularly attend our table. Lately, however, it appears that even though this is really so, their consumption in excessive doses can lead to unpleasant health consequences, not less important is the time of day during which they consume.

Here are 5 interesting facts on this issue

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– Contrary to the current belief that the most useful is the intake of raw vegetables, now there is another opinion. It is based on the fact that these products are often treated chemically and consumed in its raw form, the chemicals are inflated, you can not disappear.

If you undergo vegetables briefly during the heat treatment may be that they will reach your stomach in much better shape than if they are raw. However, this does not apply to home grown vegetables, which everyone knows are true natural treasure;

– People who have stomach problems, you need to choose what to emphasize vegetables. For example, traditional radish, which is present in green spring salads can be a great enemy of the gastric mucosa and consumed in large quantities can even lead to gastritis. This also applies to vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes for ordinary pears and apples that can lead to ulcers. Of course this is true if you overdo their consumption, otherwise they are all wonderful natural cleaners;

– Recently, more talk that fruit should not be consumed late at night because ferment in our stomach. On this subject, there is still controversy, but the truth is that it’s all good fruit to eat on an empty stomach, at least 20 minutes before eating. Furthermore, they should be eaten alone, because if you take them together with other food, they lose their valuable properties;

Eat vegetables and fruits every day


– You can eat fruit before breakfast or between lunch and dinner, but the idea is to have passed at least two hours of the conclusion of lunch and the start of the dinner;

– Some vegetables such as tomatoes and almost all green leafy vegetables accumulate too many organic acids, so as to be useful in themselves, these products do not overdo their consumption.


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