Drinks for purification Liver

Drinks for purification Liver

Drinks for purification Liver for the prevention of complications and treatment in the hospital

Drinks for purification LiverĀ  for the prevention of complications and treatment in the hospital. If you have liver problems and you have already tried to heal, but the attempt was unsuccessful, you can try the effect of a healthy cocktail of vegetable fruit based.

This is a very delicious drink to cleanse the body. One week should be reduced diet. Every day you should drink a glass of vegetable troubled. As a result, you will not only improve the liver, but you will feel fresh and alert.

Needed products are: 3 carrots, 2 green apples, 1 beet, half a lemon without peel a piece of fresh ginger root, a few leaves of lettuce or spinach. Preparation: All the products are washed, cleaned and then cut into a blender.

Add a little water to drink has a pleasant texture. The prepared mixture is cooled and the remainder is stored in a refrigerator.

Carrots are rich in flavonoids and vitamin A, which nourishes the liver.

Beverage treatment of liver

Beverage treatment of liver necessary ingredients and method of prigotvyanv of magic drink, better absorption of drinks from the body

Pectin contained in apples, helps to eliminate toxins. Green leaf lettuce provide good blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.


Ginger and lemon promote the excellent work of the gastrointestinal tract, relieve bloating and improve metabolism. In raw beet has a lot of fiber, and they are good for the intestines.

Prepare your vegetable smoothies and purees, but ready and this healthy cocktail. The effect comes very next day. It is for ten days, no more. You will feel fresh and full of energy. This drink will make detoxify the liver and be healthy!

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