Delicious Sacher cake

Recipe for Sacher cake

Delicious Sacher cake at home, necessary products for this great yummy be patient

And if you are still in captivity sweet legend “Esterhazy”, let’s move to Vienna to meet with another legend – Delicious Sacher cake , which is also undeniable symbol of the Austrian capital. It is believed that the legendary cake was created in 1832 when a young pastry chef named Franz Sacher, who was replacing a sick cook, prepare this dessert for a new Austrian Foreign Minister Metternich.

In fact, chocolate cake with chocolate icing is not new Austrian cuisine and these recipes have appeared at least a century earlier, but this is history. Incidentally, the modern version of   Delicious Sacher cake  is not the work of its creator and his son Edward, who collected culinary experience in Vienna Café “Demel”, and then founded the hotel, which gave the same name and it sold famous cake. However, the confectionery brand “Demel” was purchased, leading to several lawsuits between the hotel and bakery.

Warring parties are reconciled only in 1963 when the cake sold at the hotel is definitely a compromise name “Original Sacher – Torte”, and the proposed chocolate cake in the bakery – “Demel`s Sachertorte”. Yes, the trademark “Sacher” is a very serious matter and the claims of holders of trademarks to one another not stopped to this day …
To prepare cake “Sacher” at home proves extremely simple, and the result is amazing! To prepare, you need:

Recipe for Sacher cake

150 g. Butter

Delicious cake Sacher

Move to Vienna to meet with another legend – Delicious Sacher cake

400 g. Sugar
100 g. Caster sugar
150 g. Flour
7 eggs
300 g. Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa content)
vanilla sugar
300 g. Of apricot jam
90 ml. water (for sugar syrup), whipping cream.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat softened at room temperature butter with powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, add egg yolks and melted part of the chocolate (150 gr.). Beat egg whites with 200 g. Sugar and stir gently with a chocolate-butter mixture. The resulting chocolate dough bake in a greased and floured form at about 180 ° C for at least 40 minutes. All again depends on the oven. After baking the thick crust is better to stand for several hours.

The finished cake is cut in half for top turns with the flat side out. The latter must Brush with slightly warmed apricot jam and allow to cool well. Then put the products to the sugar syrup (water and 200 g. Sugar) to be heated and meanwhile add inside the broken dark chocolate. Stir until complete melting and formation of a uniform coating. This pour glaze the entire cake, leaving a small amount of it for the legendary inscription “Sacher”. Serve this beauty with whipped cream.

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