Useful properties of cranberry
Useful properties of cranberry to strengthen imunitena rights, helps reduce cholesterol and raises appetite east of vitamin C

Useful properties of cranberry against certain diseases. Five reasons why they should eat regularly cranberry. Cranberry is a small evergreen shrub that is edible fruits. It is highly resistant to very low temperatures.

The fruits are red. Not very tasty, but they are quite useful.

From the leaves and can be made potions that are useful against some diseases. Bilberry almost no calories and can be assigned to healthy foods. As already mentioned, they are useful against certain diseases.

In the gallery above you can see the top 5 most important benefits that brings our body’s consumption of cranberries.

Reduce the risk of infection

1. Can reduce the risk of infection of the urinary tract.
In addition to preventing infection, it is particularly required when these infections are repeated. Blueberries have high levels of proanthocyanidins and this helps reduce bacteria that are present in the urinary tract;

2. They can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because they help to reduce blood pressure and prevent the accumulation of thrombus.

cranberry reduce the risk of infection
Useful properties of cranberry against certain diseases

3. Cranberry is one of the largest sources of vitamin C. They act as a disinfectant. Therefore, they can be used in the treatment of kidney disease. The best is to take the form of juice, since then the concentration is highest;

4. Cranberry may also be used for lifting the appetite, combat disease and other diseases that are associated with aging.

5. Cranberry has powerful antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol. They can also be very useful and teeth. Their juice kills bacteria on the gums and prevents their accumulation.

Cranberry juice

Necessary Ingredients
blueberries – 3 kg, water – 2 liters, citric acid – 2 packets of citric acid, sugar – 4-4 1/2 pounds.

Method of preparation cranberry juice

 Cleaned blueberries pour water and blend them. Mix with citric acid and let it stand overnight in a cool place. Squeeze the mixture and strain the juice through cheesecloth.

To 1 liter juice add 1 kg of sugar. Stir until dissolved, and can optionally add 2 well crushed aspirin. Spill in bottles with caps and close. Keep the juice in a cool, dark place. The resulting concentrate dilute with water to taste.


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