two useful shakes
two useful chocolate shakes

A useful chocolate shake that, according to some nutritionists, is dangerous to health. Chocolates, candy, snacks, chips, sweets – just about anything we like to eat is harmful, tooth decay, dangerous to health, etc. This is especially true for the winter period when we are attracted to the greasy food, beverages, etc.

It turns out that there is light in the tunnel, though small. The chocolate shake, which until now has been stigmatized because it is very sweet and calorie, will not only be less harmful, it will be useful. Before anyone has run out of a chocolate drink, let’s make it clear that for those who are always on dieting and are drawn daily, the shake is still not a good idea.

Types of ueful chocolate shakes

But everyone who sports can safely drink the drink once a day, experts are convinced. Scientists explain that the shock-shake intake is not as damaging to the figure as it was before. One shake contains about 120 calories. In fact, these calories account for 5% of the required daily intake, reminding us of the items in the craft. In addition to the calories it contains, the chocolate shake can also bring us substances useful to the body for which no one has ever mentioned.

useful coffee banana shake
useful coffee banana shake

The delicious shake delivers to the body calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, choline. Specialists recommend, despite the good news, not to overdo and limit to a drink a day. The best time to drink it is in the morning. This way, your body will have the whole day to consume the energy you have delivered it with a shade.

The main disadvantage of chocolate shakes (because there can not only be pros) is the amount of sugar contained in one such drink. It’s about 63 grams, and that’s not the least.

On the other hand, you can make a chocolate shake at home – this way you can replace the sugar with another sweetener that is less harmful to the body. According to another study, eating black chocolate in the morning helps to burn calories, experts say.

The most useful chocolate shakes

The combination of milk and chocolate is a symbol of perfection, and a glass of chocolate milk shake is a real treat you can afford today, because on September 12 we mark the World Chocolate Day Milk Shake. Its light and creamy structure makes it the perfect dessert you can gift at the end of every day.

This miracle among the desserts was invented in 1885 and spread very quickly all over the world. But at that time, milk shakes were seriously different from those we drink today. In the first milk shake the ice cream was not part of the recipe. Eggs, a few whiskeys and different flavors were added to the milk, but in 1900 the recipe changed.

At the beginning of the 20th century an electric mixer was invented, and this appliance turns the milk shake into what we know today. Ice cream becomes the recognizable ingredient in the beverage, and when it is added cocoa, the shake becomes even more popular.

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