Recipes with chestnuts that will cure you

chestnuts recipes

Recipes with chestnuts that will cure you and make you beautiful

Recipes with chestnuts that will cure you and make you beautiful. Few people know that wild chestnuts are useful. With them, we will be both healthier and more beautiful. Now is the time to jump to the nearby park and gather chestnuts. Here are some recipes for their application.

1. From the wild chestnuts you can get a white powder, with it you will improve the condition of the gums, you will bleach them with one tone. First, the chestnuts are cleaned from the brown wrapper. The dry, white core is ground to flour. Your medicine is ready. With it you will have a natural remedy for oral hygiene. All you have to do is dissolve some powder with some water and rub your teeth and gums;

2. With white chestnut powder stop hair loss. This white part of the chestnut is most useful for health. Bleached chestnuts are dried, then ground with a coffee grinder.

Recipes with chestnuts

Chestnuts will cure you against arthritis, varicose veins, sinusitis

This raw material can be used when you need it in different states. With a well diluted white powder, wash your hair. You will be surprised, but in just a month this mixture will normalize the work of the sebaceous glands on the head, the hair loss will stop and new hair will start to grow;

3. Chestnuts also relieve sinusitis. Small small candles are made from the inner white part and placed in the nostrils for 20 minutes. People who have tried are very pleased with the outcome;

4. Chestnuts against arthritis. Fresh chestnut flour is put in warm coconut or mustard oil. You have to get a pouch with which to smear. Then cover the foot with nylon on top and put a sock or wrap with a woolen cloth;

5. In varicose veins, cut and peeled chestnuts are placed in a suitable container. Sprinkle with alcohol or alcohol to cover, and leave in a dark and cool place. Who changes the color of alcohol is ready.

Every night you can rub and rub with the tincture. If you have a similar problem, just prepare your recipe and be healthy!

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