Chocolate cake with mascarpone
Chocolate cake with mascarpone for my beloved sister Alex

Chocolate cake with mascarpone for our favorite friends. Enjoy a masterful preparation of this yummy.

Swamp Products for chocolate cake

220 g of flour
350 g of sugar
65 g of cocoa
10 grams of baking powder
2 t of sodium bicarbonate
1/2 t of salt
240 ml of fresh milk
1 tsp fresh lemon juice
120 ml of oil
2 eggs L
2 vanilla
200 ml of hot espresso coffee

Cream products for chocolate cake

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake with mascarpone for our favorite friends

300 g of cream cheese
250 g of mascarpone
300 g of white chocolate
200 g sour cream
60 g of powdered sugar

Products for chocolate coating

150 g chocolate coating 52%
150 ml of liquid pastry cream

Preparation of swamps

Lemon juice is mixed with fresh milk and left for 10 minutes. Mix the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt in the bowl. Shuffle. In another bowl stir the eggs and add the fresh milk, oil and vanilla. The wet mixture is added to the dry and stirred. Finally, hot coffee is poured into the mixture. A very rare mixture is obtained, which is divided into three equal parts. Each part is poured into a 24-26 cm format, filled with baking paper
The bake is baked at 180 degrees 15 minutes.

Cream Cream

The white chocolate melts in a water bath and is allowed to cool. Mascarpone mixed with cream cheese. Add powdered sugar and stir. Add chilled chocolate and sour cream. The cream is mixed with a spoon and is ready for use.

Assembling the Cake

Opening ring is placed on a suitable tray. There is one swamp in it. On it is placed 1/3 of the cream, followed by blat, cream, blat and ends with cream. Place the cake in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. Release from the ring and pour over with chocolate glaze, which is prepared as follows: The cream is heated to boiling. He moves away from the fire and adds the crushed couverture to it.

Stir to homogeneity and the cake is poured with her. Decorating is your taste and desire. In my case strawberries, blackberries, aronia and among them lemon balm. Finally, I sprinkled the cake with a broken kiss. The cake was designed for my girlfriend, to whom I wish very good emotions, dreams come true and unforgettable moments with loved ones!