Blackberry leaves benefits and application, interesting facts about it. We all love jams, marmalades, compotes and fruit drinks. They are prepared from the fruits of blackberries. Eating its fresh fruits brings us no less pleasure. We already know that they are a great antioxidant and bring countless benefits to our health. If you read the following lines you will be surprised that blackberry leaves are no less useful.

Benefits of blackberry leaves
Benefits of blackberry leaves

At least due to the fact that they contain a much larger amount of vitamin C. Unlike the fruits of this shrub. Like raspberries, common in the wild, mainly in mountainous areas, near rivers and roads.

Unfortunately, probably due to the fact that blackberries are a much more thorny shrub than raspberries, people have gradually stopped growing it in their backyards over time. There is another option for using taro root leaves, but for this you will need to read another of our posts.

However, the benefits of blackberries and their leaves have been very well known to our ancestors, and in many countries blackberries are known as “black raspberries”.

All parts of it are usable – not only the fruits, but also the roots, shoots and leaves of the blackberry.

Blackberry leaf tea

Medicinal decoctions, creams and infusions have been prepared, which we can still find in pharmacy, cosmetics and medicine.

Blackberry leaves contain many flavonoids, amino acids, organic acids, tannins, organic and essential oils, vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as calcium, potassium, zinc, copper and phosphorus.

They are also rich in anthocyanins, which are known to reduce the risk of cancer. And if you think that this mix turns blackberries into high-calorie, you will be wrong. The calories contained in blackberries are less than those in watermelon!

Blackberry leaves tea
Blackberry leaves tea

Blackberry leaves contain salicylic acid, which acts similarly to aspirin, which is why blackberries are often called natural aspirin. In addition to strengthening the immune system, lowering the risk of colds and lowering the temperature.

The leaves of the magic bush have the ability to protect us from any germs and improve the quality of our blood.

From ancient times the infusions of blackberry leaves were used against inflammation of the urinary organs and against diabetes. Romans prepared compresses with blackberry leaves for faster healing of wounds.

As we said at the beginning, blackberry leaves are a powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer. It is believed that they also have an effect in the treatment of breast cancer.

However, they also contribute to the overall strengthening of our health and preservation of our youthful appearance. Decoctions of blackberry leaves are recommended for women suffering from irregular menstruation. Pain during menstruation, excessive bleeding or general malaise during menopause.

If you suffer from diarrhea, be sure to make tea from blackberry leaves, because they have a strong astringent effect. And unlike the synthetic preparations sold in the pharmacy network, they are an all-natural product. In addition to tea, you can make a vegan pie with blackberries or cake according to a special recipe. A real gift from Nature!