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Acne is just a symptom that in most cases can be avoided with proper diet

Acne is just symptom that you can easily remove if you follow a particular diet and avoid certain foods. Hormonal development takes a toll on our kids’ bodies. In addition to the altered chemistry, crackling voices and acne, many young adults experience brain fog and fatigue, encumbered digestion, extreme sensitivity, and inability to cope with stress (yes, it is all tragic). Finding an integrative practitioner is paramount for both you and your young adult.
Even conditions such as thyroid overload, adrenal fatigue, and intestinal candida have become common in today’s youth. Fortunately, there are clearly defined steps that every parent can implement to supercharge their kids’s development. There is no one-fits all approach. Each body is individual and to be addressed uniquely.

Acne Prevention

The best way to control acne is by preventing the pimples from ever forming. Using a combination of topical solutions and nutrition is key. Oral, prescription medications may be recommended in the case of cystic acne. For most other types of acne benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and hydroquinone are the primary conventional recommendations. I do not subscribe to these remedies, as 1) they are highly toxic (please google each for toxicity) and 2) they tend to over-dry the skin, which in turn sends more oil to the skin leading to even worse skin in the long run.

Diet, routine and effective remedies

Have them work toward a plant-based diet, ultimately eliminating not only all dairy and red meat, but also all refined sugars (white bread, pasta and rice included), processed foods, fried foods, spicy foods, peanut butter and caffeine. The plants should also be mostly organic, grown without hormones and pesticide-free. If you follow this regimen with your child, you will also notice an immediate uptake in your own energy levels, brain fog clearing, thyroid rebalancing, digestive system reset, and immune system reboot.

Dirt and bacteria can exacerbate acne but hormones (slightly high testosterone) and the consequent oily skin’s inability to slaughter off dead cells in those who are genetically predisposed are the real causers of acne.
Scrubbing, over-washing and excessive sun exposure should be avoided. Washing should be limited to one time a day.

Products with isopropyl alcohol aggravate acne.

Keep your teen away from supplements and foods that increase testosterone (red meat and dairy).
Ask them not to touch their face or rest their chin on their hands. Squeezing and picking blemishes can force bacteria deeper into the skin, causing even greater inflammation and infection. Worse yet, picking leads to scarring.
Even after the blemishes disappear, they may leave dark spots on the face or body. This is not scarring; it is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. See me and we will address the issue with advanced treatments.
Organic, gentle products that treat acne:

acne pimple on face
Acne is just symptom that you can easily remove if you follow a particular diet and avoid certain foods

A. Sulfur
Sulfur is extremely effective in absorbing excess oils and calming inflammation. A natural way of obtaining it is through onions — internally and externally. Make a paste of grated onions and pickled ginger (the type you would buy in sushi places). You can throw them in a blender to create the paste. The smell is not bad at all. Most importantly, it’s a gentle, yet highly effective remedy.
B. Clay
Kaolin and bentonite are clay masks that draw impurities out of the skin. Can be found in most supermarkets.
C. Potato juice/starch
Slice a potato in half (no matter which type) and rub on your entire face before going to bed.
D. Natural Acids such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
These help renew skin by removing dead skin cells and balancing the pH of acne prone skin.
Skin Routine
Morning – Wash face gently with Bulgarian Rose gentle cleanser. Apply very little and make sure to remove all product. Containing natural Damascene Rose oil, this product will boost your skin with eugenol (powerful antioxidant) and remove dirt and bacteria without overdrawing your sensitive areas. Apply sunscreen without oxybenzone, avobenzone or titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide only. It will not only protect you, it also has curative properties.
Night (Before bed) – Wash face with water only. Remove make up with grape seed oil. Rub a slice of potato on your whole face.
2. Create a healthy, cleansing routine for the start of each day. Put a list up on your fridge.
Have them drink warm lemon water in the morning and throughout the day to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. Lemons are incredibly alkaline; the citric acid creates alkalinity in the body once metabolized.  Western obesity can be traced specifically to the advent of Henry the VIII’s English breakfast (eggs, butter and meats); make sure you educate your kids on the true meaning of breakfast — a light, nutritious pick me up designed to “break the fast” (break-fast), which refers to a night of digestive rest. Acceptable breakfasts include a fruit salad, plain yogurt with fresh berries (one of the few dairy exceptions allowed because of yogurt’s probiotic benefits), plain oatmeal with apples and/or bananas, whole-grain or gluten-free bagels with nothing on it or a cleansing smoothy with almond milk, green apple, bananas and fresh cilantro (quantities can be adjusted to taste).
3. Detox your home.
Many ingredients in common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption, and neurotoxicity. From cleaners, detergents, shampoos and bleach to  antibacterial hand soap and fabric softener, your child’s endocrine system is disrupted daily.
For cleaning purposes, use borax and water. Use 100% pure essential oils not only to create exuberantly beautiful fragrances, but also to take advantage of their anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
4. Clean up your kid’s skincare and beauty products.
The skin is our largest organ. Everything we put on it gets readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Educate your kids on how even the tiniest amounts of lotions and perfumes can harm their bodies over time. Reasearch the plethora of slowly accumulating hormone-mimicking chemicals that can scramble the natural flora, wreaking havoc on their hormonal health. Many of these include artificial smells. An overlooked but important change you should explore is dropping perfumes for essential oil. If they wear makeup, I recommend Juice Beauty SPF BB cream. It’s one of the few that contains no parabens, mineral oils (or other petroleum products), no oxy or avo benzones.
5. Pamper your baby (ages 12 and up).
Natural salt baths, saunas, scrubs and exercise are great lymphatic system detoxifiers. These activities also support the immune system, and promote digestive health. The body releases the feel-good hormone serotonin, which clears the mind and brings on a positive outlook. Breathing deeply clears the lungs, focuses the mind, and releaves stress.
Make it a routine for your kids that each Sunday evening, they relax with a luxurious detox bath (lavendar, eucalyptus, Himalayan or sea salts, baking soda, and artemisia are all beautiful options).
Infrared sauna sessions (where there are no contraindications) can also help them improve their circulation and internal congestion, promoting the elimination of heavy metals, radioactive particles and other toxins. Have a mommy-daughter spa day!
6. Make sure they keep a tidy room.
What does this have to do with healthy habits and acne? Quite a bit actually. Good feng shui does a lot for the mind and subsequently for their cortisol levels (which affect skin health). It streamlines the thought process, reduces stress, and dispels confusion and frustration caused by looking for things and visually excepting messes that subconsciously affect young adults’ unseen quest for order. All of these things contribute to poorer performance in school and sports, emotional outbursts and hormonal irregularities.
So, follow these simple rules and you will find their lives vastly improved. Not only will you see a beautiful, healthy improvement in your kids’ appearance, you will also create more confident, focused and healthy young adults.