Which foods color your teeth

Which foods color your teeth, interesting facts about it. Tooth color usually plays an important role in how others will perceive you. Maintaining crystal white teeth can be difficult, especially when many foods and beverages can stain them.

This article will help you find out which foods and drinks to avoid or reduce their intake to a minimum to achieve the desired results. These foods color the teeth:

Coffee and tea color your teeth

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You can take morning coffee only as something that helps you wake up faster, but it actually stains your teeth. The coffee contains tannin and acid, which can discolour, discolour and damage the teeth. Tea also contains tannin and surprisingly has a worse effect than coffee on the color of the teeth. Green tea can stain the teeth in gray, and the black can in yellow.

Soda color your teeth

Soda contains sugar that allows bacteria to live and break down tooth enamel. Scented drinks also contain acids and can form caries. Darker beverages are more likely to cause dental stains.

Wine color your teeth

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Like tea and coffee, red wine contains tannin that can stain the teeth. Red wine can change the color of the teeth in different shades of gray and white to darken the already existing stains.

Desserts and sweets color your teeth

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Desserts and sweets are very delicious, but they can actually be the cause of caries. Sugars can be attached to your teeth by nourishing the bacteria that cause the tooth surface to rupture and dark spots.

Citrus fruits color your teeth

Citrus fruits contain an acid that can destroy the enamel of the teeth. Although they contain valuable nutrients, citrus fruits can be partly responsible for the yellowing of your teeth.

Fruits Forest fruits are rich in healthy antioxidants, but they can definitely stain the teeth. Their rich pigmentation can penetrate the teeth by changing their white color.

Colored foods. Brightly colored foods and drinks often leave spots on the tongue and lips. In the end, too frequent consumption will leave long lasting spots on your teeth.

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