Want to be happy eating these foods

Want to be happy eating these foods

The foods we eat have an impact not only on our health and appearance

Want to be happy eating these foods at 18, and 50! Then eat that. The foods we eat have an impact not only on our health and appearance, but also on our mood. While the margarine, the chips, the processed foods and the semi-finished products are damaging our emotional state, there are others that can increase our self-esteem and increase our libido. These are, for example, foods rich in vitamin D, such as fish, mushrooms, eggs, liver.

There are also foods that can create a sense of joy in our country and help us to cope with depression faster. However, in order to have a beneficial effect on our mood, they must be eaten at a certain age. See our gallery at what point in your life what you should take to be healthy, happy and in shape.

Between 18 and 29 years
According to nutritionists, it is desirable that the representatives of both sexes emphasize the fatty meat until their 30th year. It helps to improve mood.
Over 30 years
People over 30 years old, according to scientists, should go for a lighter diet and focus on plant foods. At this time, a source of good mood for them is the antioxidant-rich fruit.

Useful breakfast muesli milk

Proper eating after the holidays

Proper eating after the holidays

People usually postpone proper nutrition and post-New Age diet. However, it has passed and for most people, celebrating it has no effect on the figure. The time has already come for a healthy diet that will help us fight weight. A sharp shift to a strict diet does not affect the body well. Also, after the end of such a diet, the body quickly regains its lost weight. Therefore switching to the new diet should be slow and gradual.

This is a guarantee that you will not roll like a hungry wolf on the next festive table, even more so that in January there are so many names days. The first step to the new way of eating is creating a diary. To find out what your eating habits are, keep a diary and record everything you’ve consumed.

This will tell you which products you need to remove from your menu. Drink no less than two liters of water each day, and if you do exercise – not less than three liters. Drink half a glass of water before each meal. Eat a handful of nuts, some fruit or a low-fat yoghurt between the main food intakes.

eating forest fruits

make a diary in which you put foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables

If you can not imagine your life without mayonnaise, gradually replace it with light sauces of yogurt. Mix yogurt with soy sauce, mustard, lemon juice, and get delicious sauces. Reduce your salt consumption to a quarter teaspoon a day. Emphasize seafood and fish.

Once you have reduced salt, the shoes will become a little more comfortable, the rings will move freely on your fingers, your blood pressure will change to lower values. Divide your dish in four pieces by distributing the food in its four corners. The first part eaten for five minutes. For each next part, take another five minutes. Bring your culinary pleasures once or twice a month. If you dream for weeks for a particular meal, which is your favorite but is calorie, let it go.

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