Vetch seeds will satiate your appetite

Vetch seeds will satiate your appetite because they are kind of crop that has been known since ancient times. This culture was cultivated by man more than three thousand years show archaeological excavations. Mainly used as feed. It grows almost everywhere in Bulgaria and the resulting hay is highly appreciated in agriculture.

Despite its obvious use, seeds Vetch has some unsuspected by many healing properties. In folk medicine the plant is used for patients who have suffered a long illness and need strength to recover faster.

Vetch seeds like red lentils. They are extremely bitter taste and can be adopted, it should be soaked for several hours in hot water. In the past vetch seeds were given to horses before plowing to have power.

Nutrition in Vetch seeds

Common Vetch – Green Cover

Common vetch seeds are acknowledged for having a considerable mineral composition, yet there is a wide variation in the exact amounts of these minerals across different strains. According to research, the levels of key minerals like potassium span from 9.10 to 12.30 grams per kilogram of dry matter, while phosphorus content shows a diverse range from 2.30 to 5.07 grams per kilogram of dry matter. Furthermore, the content of zinc in these seeds ranges from 31.00 to 42.33 milligrams per kilogram of dry matter. An additional point of interest is the calcium to phosphorus ratio present in vetch seeds, which is generally found to be between 0.24 and 0.73 to 1.0. This ratio is quite below the one suggested by nutritional guidelines for adult human intake and could therefore potentially impede calcium absorption possibly adversely impacting bone health.

Useful properties of Vetch seeds

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Unlike today, in the past the seeds of vetch were much shirk used. Vetch berries, mixed with honey and walnuts, strengthen immunity. Another useful feature of the plant is the purification of the body.

It contains elements help the body get rid of harmful toxins. This medicinal plant is very suitable for use in the colder months, when the immune system needs help to deal with different viruses.

Vetch seeds is recommended by nutritionists as a means to suppress hunger. That his property has been recognized by a number of scientists in the past and today.

Roman historian Dion wrote in his book about the life of ancient Britons that they passed a lot of hunger and cold, feeding on bark and roots of trees, but always had for its meat, which was some beans and thanks to him not feel any hunger nor thirst.

Round lumps had a taste of the bitter root. They keep them in your mouth or soaking them in water and then drank, did one drink a decoction of it.

Thanks to the power that gave them this potion they were able to travel and to work. Soaked in vinegar seeds Vetch help against rashes on hands and feet, wrote in healing recipes doctor.

According to herbal tea recipes doctor of vetch and basil, seasoned with honey can cure a number of diseases such as heartburn, insomnia and even disorder.

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