Useful properties of figs

Useful properties of figs, help with diabetes and heart disease. Figs have already appeared on the market, which reminds us of their useful properties. These delicious sweet fruits are extremely rich in the serotonin known as the hormone of happiness. They contain a lot of vitamins – group B, vitamin E, PP, C. Juicy figs are also rich in fiber and beta-carotene. In short – figs are a real healthy bomb for the body.

There is no other fruit that has more minerals than figs – only 40 grams of them contain over 240 mg of potassium. It covers about 7% of the body’s daily needs, and calcium and iron in the same amount of fruit (53 mg of calcium, 1.2 mg of iron) cover 6 percent of the daily dose. Among fruits, only oranges can boast more calcium. With all these useful elements, let’s see what exactly we can use figs for, besides eating them for pleasure.

Figs against a sick heart

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They are extremely suitable for people with hypertension and heart disease. The potassium and sugars in these fruits are the reason why many doctors recommend figs in such health conditions. Potassium has a vasodilating effect. It relieves spasms of blood vessels, and the enzyme ficin, which is contained in the fruit, dissolves blood clots.

As for people with high blood pressure, they must add small fruits to their menu. Content of Figs calm the heartbeat and stimulate blood production. The antioxidant action of the polyphenols contained in the fruit also protects the heart from disease. They also protect it from vascular plaques as well as heart attacks;

Figs against high cholesterol

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They are also recommended for high cholesterol levels – especially in the dried state. The reason is the high content of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Figs also contain phytosterols. They all play an important role in normalizing cholesterol levels, which has been proven in a study by scientists from New Jersey. The researchers concluded that only a few fruits help lower cholesterol levels. The pectin is also responsible for this.

The water-soluble fiber in figs cleanses the body and removes fats and toxins; Figs in diabetes Despite their sweetness, figs are also recommended for diabetics. The reason is the high fiber content of the fruit, which slows down the absorption of glucose. On the other hand, figs increased the sensitivity of cells to insulin;

Figs for sore throat and bronchitis

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If you have angina or bronchitis – do not think, and get figs; Figs for anemia It is especially recommended to consume figs for anemia, diseases of the spleen and liver – a decoction of milk and figs is a popular folk remedy for anemia. From the prepared decoction the patient drinks ½ tsp. no more than 4 times a day. The recipe can also help with constipation, gastritis and even kidney disease. It is also suitable for the treatment of bronchitis, angina, whooping cough. If you have a high temperature, this decoction will help you get rid of it. You can also use fig jam for fever. The terrible sore throat during angina will be relieved with a few fresh fruits;

Figs for a healthy stomach

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Fiber-rich figs also improve the production of beneficial bacteria in the stomach – magnesium makes them a great way to regulate its activity. Constipation is treated by taking a dozen fig seeds – just do it once and you will see the effect. The berries of the fruit also help to release gas. The fruits protect us from hemorrhoids, tumors of the colon, according to research;

Figs for a slim waist If you follow a diet, do not deprive yourself of these fruits – they quickly give a feeling of satiety and help to gain weight; Figs against pimples on the face Pimples on the face can be cured again with figs – you need milk juice – it also cures corns, chicken pox, etc. If you have boils, make a decoction of the leaves of the fruit. The boil will also be removed if you put fresh fig leaves, as well as pre-soaked dried figs in water. Fig paws help with pigment spots in pregnant women.

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