Useful properties of Bacopa Brahmi

Useful properties of Bacopa Brahmi according to Eastern medicine and herbalists. This herb helps prevent anxiety and stress. This is an adaptogenic plant, which means that it increases the body’s resistance to stress. Studies show that the plant helps reduce stress and anxiety by elevating mood and lowering levels of cortisol, a hormone closely linked to stress levels.

Helps lower blood pressure

Neer Brahmi Medicinal Plant Live | Bacopa Monnieri | Brahmi Plant with Pot  | (8 to 10 Live Plant with Pot) - Gachwala

High blood pressure is a serious health problem because it puts pressure on the heart and blood vessels. It can weaken the heart and increase the risk of heart disease. Studies show that bacopa can help keep blood pressure within normal limits. In an animal study, the herb reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This is done by releasing nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels and leads to better blood flow and lower blood pressure.

  • Prevents anxiety and stress
  • Increases brain function
  • Reduces inflammation
  • It has anti-cancer properties

Bacopa has anti-cancer properties

Neer Brahmi, Bacopa Monnieri- Plant | Wild Roots

Studies with tubes and animals have shown that this plant may have anti-cancer properties. The class of active substances in the plant bacoside has been reported to kill aggressive brain tumor cells and inhibit the growth of breast and colon cancer cells in test tubes. In addition, bacopa has caused cell death in skin and breast cancer cells in animal and tube studies.

Studies show that high levels of antioxidants in the plant and compounds such as bacosides may be responsible for its anti-cancer properties. Please note that these are tube and animal tests. Bacopa Bacopa cannot be recommended as a treatment until more human cancer studies have been done.

Side effects of bacopa

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Although this herb is considered safe, it can cause side effects in some people. For example, you may experience digestive symptoms such as nausea, stomach cramps, increased peristalsis and diarrhea. Not recommended for pregnant women as there are no studies evaluating the safety of use during pregnancy. It may also interact with certain medicines, including amitriptyline, a medicine used to relieve pain. If you are taking any medication, ask your doctor before using bacopa.

Conclusion Bacopa or Brahmi is an Ayurvedic herb that can be used for many ailments. Studies in humans have shown that it can help improve brain function, treat symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, studies with tubes and animals have shown that it can have anti-cancer properties, reduce inflammation and blood pressure.

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