Unexpected benefits of walnuts

Benefits of Walnuts and honey

Unexpected benefits of walnuts anti-inflammatory and enhance immunity, nuts improves cholesterol levels, walnuts protect bone health

Unexpected benefits of walnuts just no end to the health and longevity. Although high-calorie, they are extremely useful nuts. Regular intake of walnuts protect against a number of diseases.

Good sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, manganese and copper, the inclusion of walnuts in the diet can be an important step to improve the cardiovascular system.

They help reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Interfere with the loading of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Nuts contain a lot of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and potassium.

Manganese itself is essential for growth, reproduction, and proper metabolism of sugars, insulin and cholesterol.

People who consume nuts regularly, do not suffer from high blood pressure. Walnuts improve cholesterol levels of people with type 2 diabetes and help reduce levels of several molecules promoting the development of atherosclerosis. Walnuts protect bone health and prevent the formation of gallstones.

Recommended are on diets as reduce the risk of weight gain. Eating 5-6 wal

Unexpected benefits of walnuts

Unexpected benefits of walnuts just no end to the health and longevity

nuts before meals reduces the level of hunger. And further provides vital nutrients. Diet that included plenty of nuts, helps patients with type 2 diabetes and helps fight cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Walnuts

These tasty nuts anti-inflammatory, support immunity and have anticarcinogenic properties. This is due to their content of about 16 phenol antioxidants, vitamin E, and ellagic and gallic acids, proteins (especially tryptophan) and fiber. A handful of walnuts provides the body with 4 grams protein, 2 grams fiber and 2, 5 g. Omega-3 fatty acid.

Walnuts are able to regulate sleep. This is done with the help of melatonin, which is contained in these nuts, in a bio-available form. This is a hormone produced by the pineal gland. An interesting fact is that women who eat at least two handfuls of nuts a week were 25% lower risk of developing gallstones. Besides its many positive qualities, nuts are suitable for consumption as fresh and a great variety of products.

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