Types of salads as appropriate

Types of salads as appropriate or what is the difference between them. Salads give each chef the opportunity to experiment with different flavors, colors and textures. They can be ordinary as a mixture of different leafy vegetables or contain surprising combinations of leaves, vegetables, seeds or paste. They are an excellent addition to meat, fish or seafood. However, you should know that the salads are divided into several types, which you should distinguish:

Salads entrees first dish

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They are made to impress the customer. It must exacerbate his appetite and make him look forward to the next meal. These salads should be fresh and crunchy, with aromatic dressing and a very appealing look. They can add cheese, ham, cold meat, shrimp or crab. With front or lightly processed products, these salads give a stylish start to each meal.

Salad dressings

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They must be in harmony with the rest of the food, as well as all the other trimmings. These salads should be light and aromatic, taking into account what you offer them. It is not good to serve a potato salad with potato chips and fries. Such salads are a good choice for a sandwich plateau as a main lunch dish.

Salads as a main dish

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They must be large enough to replace the whole dish, and usually contain a significant amount of protein in the form of meat, poultry, fish or seafood. There must be a vegetarian version of cheese, eggs, tofu or pulses. This type of salad provides an excellent opportunity to use the imagination.

Salads as a separate dish

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They are served to clean the palate after a rich, basic meal and served just before the dessert. A little green leaves with light vinaigrette or fruit salad for the most appropriate option.

Dessert salads

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They usually have fruits and add nuts, ice cream or cream. They are too sweet and are available in the dessert menu. There is hardly anyone who sits at the table without salad. They are the perfect addition to any dish. Most often we prepare salads with vegetables. They should be thoroughly washed. To make the salad fresh and tasty, it should be prepared immediately before serving.

If you have to stay, then it is good to cover it with a damp cloth and leave it in a cool place. The products should be lightly chilled. When preparing the salad, it is best to work with wooden or plastic utensils. Prepare the products in a refrigerator and separate before cooking. This will avoid mixing the fragrances. Avoid salting the salad. Any contact with the air spoils its taste.

If you want it to be even more delicious – add the sauce. You can make home with yoghurt, onion, parsley. Do not overdo the spices, because they will also make the taste of the salad worse. Shake well before mixing the sauce with the salad. Avoid putting fruit. Mixing fruit and vegetable juices will result in metal taste. When preparing cooked salads, mix with spices at least 45 minutes before serving them.

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