Thyme properties and benefits

Other additional ways of using thyme

Thyme properties and benefits helps to treat cold cough and sick throat

Thyme properties and benefits herb-wonder. All of us are familiar with the various properties and benefits of the thyme. Undoubtedly, Mother Earth has given humans one of the most beautiful gifts that allow us to create recipes – plants and herbs.

So let’s take care of the environment. Today, for almost every pill and medicine there is an alternative to the world of natural gifts. Here we will meet the thyme, this plant of the quartz family, which is one of the most beneficial herbs on earth.

It is an antiseptic possessing bactericidal and expectorant properties that kill germs; Strengthens the immune system; Eliminates toxins; Increases resistance to foreign organisms.

Therefore, without having to do more, we will tell you some important facts about the thyme with the intention of adding this plant to your life, which will undoubtedly become a favorite. Its use is very common in respiratory infections because it is a disinfectant for the lungs and is useful in:

Throatache; coughing; asthma; bronchitis; laryngitis; nasal infections. It is also used to treat physical and mental weaknesses such as:

– an effective remedy for depression, chronic fatigue and lack of concentration;

Thyme properties tea woman

Thyme strengthens the immune system, an effective remedy for depression and fatigue

– improves blood circulation
– improves memory;
– increases blood pressure when its level is too low.
As a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic agent, essential oil of thyme is widely used in hand disinfection solutions.
Other additional ways of using thyme:

Heals fungal nails; kills parasites; used to treat candidiasis and vaginitis; treats urinary tract infections and bladder because it acts as a diuretic; treats muscular pain, gout, arthritis, sciatica and sports injuries; you can use it as a hair tonic or wash your face to treat acne and warts; this is an ideal means of insect protection;

Infusion of thyme with honey and lemon helps to treat the symptoms:

– flu; sore throat; cold; cough. Here’s how to make a thyme infusion. First, heat the water and, once it starts to boil, remove it from the fire. Then remove the necessary amount of thyme and leave for 10 minutes.

Contraindications of thyme

Thyme is not toxic when consumed in accordance with established doses. The use of essential thyme oil should be more limited and should never be used by pregnant women, people with ulcers or heart problems.

Due to its high thymol content, prolonged use of thyme essential oil can cause hyperthyroidism or intoxication due to irritation of the digestive system.

Now that you already know all the benefits of this wonderful plant, add it to your portion. Because caring for your health is your responsibility, never forget it!

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