These foods minimize perspiration

These foods minimize perspiration or simply limit their consumption. Nothing strange not in the fact that people sweat. This is a natural process in the human body through which normalize its temperature.

By the sweat glands guy throws his bodily waste substances.

Fight sweating

Fight sweating with those foods without unnecessary diets easily reduce the bad smell of sweat for better functioning of the sweat glands

The most highly functioning like glands are located on the palms and feet, armpits and forehead.

Stop sweating by consuming these key foods

Regardless of the products you use antiperspirant or that bathe or wash constantly, you still will not avoid wet spots on his clothes, especially in hot weather.

It has been shown, however, that certain foods promote better functioning of sweat glands, and most importantly regulate characteristic odor, and even if you see that your clothes are still wet, you will be ashamed much less if not smell unpleasant.

The process of sweating is in close contact with both the nervous and digestive system, so that a change in your daily meals will certainly affect beneficial.

foods demisting

Fight sweating with those foods or simply limit their consumption

First we will start with foods that have a chance to disconnect completely from your diet or strongly limit. Unfortunately, these are simple things that we used in our daily lives.

These are: black tea, garlic, onions, carbonated beverages, coffee, spicy foods.

Dairy products

If you still want a morning hot drink without remorse you have a cup of tea thyme. To protect yourself from sweating is advisable to focus on fish, tomatoes, oranges, eggs, nuts, dairy products and broccoli.

These are the products with the highest content of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and fiber. Such changes in your diet can be difficult at the beginning and slightly unpleasant, but over time will get used and you will certainly be satisfied with the results.




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