The healing properties of cherry

The healing properties of cherry  are assessed and used from time immemorial. This fruit must be present at the table of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases chernodrobnozhlachni diseases and kidney diseases.

Sour cherries are classified into three main groups:
– Seaside – with dark red fruits;
– Amor – with light red fruit;

– Duke – a cross between a cherry and cherry.
Fruits are useful due to their rich content of organic acids (malic, oxalic and citric), sugars (glucose, fructose), mineral salts (potassium), etc. They contain a high percentage of trace elements (zinc, copper, boron, manganese).

A tanning substances give fruit slightly tart taste. In abundance are the B vitamins, and in the greatest quantity, C and R.

Sour cherry juice

Cherry nhập khẩu Úc

Cherries prevent water retention in the body. They are useful in zhelyaznonedoimachni anemia, improve digestion and act refreshing.

Pectin, which is found in cherries, supports the elimination of toxins from the body, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Cherry juice is great expectorant for respiratory irritation.

Also lowers the temperature and has a laxative effect. It can be successfully used as a prophylactic against rickets, anemia and hepatitis.

Fruit and juice of sour cherry have shown anti-inflammatory action. Regular adoption reduces the risk of cardiovascular and nervous diseases.

Crushed stone powder or decoction of them is suitable remedy for kidney stones and gout. Potion acting diuretic in swelling and browning – in disorder.

We can easily cook their own brew of cherry stems, twigs or stones.

Ten grams of the drug boil ten minutes in 200 ml of water. Strain and drink three times before eating.

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