The harm of processed foods

The harm of processed foods is high in calories and satiety. Everyone has heard the maxim Tell me what you eat to tell you what you are. This wing phrase is not devoid of meaning. Food is at the heart of our health. It can both get sick and heal. Therefore, we must responsibly treat what is regularly brought into our body through food.

The harm of processed foods is high in calories and satiety

Modern society has invented processed foods. Their appearance is justified by the fact that there is a need to have a meal that lasts for a long time without spoiling. In addition to being characterized by high shelf life, the processed food also has a high calorific value and satiety. It is also delicious because of the numerous improver that is used in processing. So far, however, the positive aspects of processed foods have ended. The damage to this type of food is much more, and they need to be aware of and taken into account in the principles of nutrition.

Damage from processed foods

Ultra-processed foods and an adolescent's risk of obesity - Duluth News  Tribune | News, weather, and sports from Duluth, Minnesota

Processed foods cause obesity – most of them are filled with a flavor enhancer, which is under the number E621. Below the figure is sodium glutamate, which can lead to overeating. They also contain fructose syrups and artificial sweeteners. This has an effect on the accumulation of fat;

Almost every processed food can add to it – when foods are processed, important ingredients are removed, including fiber, water and various nutrients, and that is why these foods are absorbed differently in the body;
Fast foods affect the intestinal flora negatively – all of our inner flora undergoes changes that are constantly needed to regulate. Whole grains are one way of neutralizing this negative impact;

Sometimes this diet may be due to disease changes related not only to digestion, but also to memory, the nervous system – the induction of depression, as well as the general tone;

They can lead to sterility – these foods are genetically modified, important nutrients are taken away, so they cause reproductive problems;
Too much sugar is used in processing, and that is too harmful to the body;
In these foods, trans fats and refined vegetable oils are excessive, and their harm is known to everyone.

In order to be long-lasting, excessive amounts of salt are placed in these foods and this immediately makes them harmful.

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