The dates sweet and healthy gift

The dates sweet and healthy gift are an extremely valuable and useful fruit, one of the most ancient, known to mankind. The roots of their origins are in the Arab countries, where from ancient times these sweet and healthy fruits of the palm tree have been honored. Even then, their benefits to the human organism were known, and the evidence suggests that dates are the main food of Arab warriors, Bedouins, Egyptians, and Chinese centenarians – living in places where food is scarce and conditions are extreme.

In our country the dates are sold in dried and packaged form, mainly imported from North Africa and the Orient – Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt. It is best to stop natural dates that are not extra cached to take advantage of their healthy qualities.

Composition of the dates

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Dates are one of the most nutritious dried fruits, because of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats in them, and are rich in almost all vitamins except Vit. It contains 23 kinds of amino acids (which are absent in most other fruits), riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and very active antioxidants, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, folic acid, calcium, copper, sulfur, mineral salts, etc.

It is important to mention that they do not have cholesterol, on the contrary, even lower the level of the harmful, regulate glucose in the blood. They are an ideal substitute for sweet things if you are a lover and a great choice for diets and healthy eating regimes. They have a low glycemic index and are suitable for diabetics. Their health is due to fructose and glucose rather than to man-made sucrose. Yet – and with them, as with all dried fruit should not be overstretched.

Health Benefits of Dates

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Enhance immunity and act generally beneficial to health – dates are one of the most useful foods in general. They affect metabolism and metabolism, especially useful in poor thyroid function, due to their high iodine content. They favor brain activity and increase the activity of neural connections and concentration. They are useful for digestion. They have a cleansing and regulating action.

They help the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and maintain the acidic balance of the body. They give strength, endurance, energy. They help with fatigue and fatigue, they are recommended for consumption after long illness. Strengthens and stimulates the activity of the heart, liver and kidneys and nourishes the blood. They are useful in anemia and cardiovascular diseases because of their high potassium levels. Recommended for hypertension and pulmonary diseases. They soothe the cough and help to remove the fluid from the lungs.

They are recommended for diabetics, because of the beneficial fructose and glucose, and the lack of dangerous sucrose. Extremely useful for pregnant women (folic acid) and nursing mothers (lactose). They are suitable for diets and weight reduction. Good substitutes are for refined pastries and reduce starvation. The dates contain fluoride that protects the teeth from caries. It is not recommended to consume them in kidney stones because of the oxalic acid they contain. The dates are sticky and sweet and it is good to wash the teeth well after eating them.

Dates and Culinary

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The dates have a long history in the culinary tradition of many peoples. In addition to all their nutritional qualities, they are especially appreciated in sweets as a natural sweetener. If you want to replace refined white sugar, dates are excellent. Blend a quantity of them and use in raw pastries – vegan desserts, raw candies, dishes for young children.

Besides their natural sweetness, they have another valuable quality – they are naturally sticky and  them they become wonderful desserts because they replace the eggs in this quality. Another common application, along with raisins, is their participation in cakes, cakes and sweet bread. Often, cheese and wine are served on the plate.How

How do we choose dates?

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True, “natural”, uncharted additional and unplanned dates are relatively difficult. They are golden-amber to reddish-brown, slightly transparent in color. They should not have a very thick crust because it shows that they are treated with paraffin to keep the fruit from worms. The package must be opaque and well sealed, dates shall be fleshy and soft and shall have no sugar crystals on its surface. This so useful fruit lasts for about a year under proper storage – cool and dry, in a hermetically sealed box, not in nylon.

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