The best energy foods for long trip

The best energy foods for long trip that everyone sooner or later he has to take a trip whether to another city, another country on business or on holiday, and most are trying to avoid stopping on the road and meals at petrol stations roadside restaurants.

While it is a convenient way to get a hot meal, eating meals with vague qualities and products can often lead to stomach discomfort and delay time our arrival and our plans. Yet on long journeys is to eat well and get us the necessary energy to keep us alert and complete.

Energy foods for a long journey

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There are some practical food through which can easily obtain additional forces and that will help us to travel fresh, energetic and a good mood. Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate contains significantly less sugar than milk, but it is better to inform the presence of sugar contents.

Chocolate is great food for the road and can satisfy temporary hunger, among other things we will act quite refreshing. Ideal mate is when you feel a little tired, due to the small amounts of caffeine, dark chocolate is preferred over a cup of coffee.

Dried fruits and nuts – Nuts can look like a kind of candy to Eat on the go. Easily transported and certainly will not weigh a few grams of nuts pocketed. Dried fruits are filled with nutrients and a handful of raw nuts can definitely substitute meal.

Jerky – hard to transport and difficult piece of jerky you would on a long journey, but if you have a cooler, do not hesitate and put a piece in it. Dried meats are more durable than preferred sausages, which often make sandwiches for the road.

Pastrami is a great alternative, some slice of dried meat with a slice of bread will do wonders. Avocado – superfood full of good fats that keep the heart and brain healthy and high fiber content in avocados are a reliable source of good digestion and will keep you in perfect condition.

When taking food during the trip, especially if it is a long, long time, you should not be stockpiling as many kinds of food, but you have to think rationally and can get food that will really be needed healthy and nutritious. Perishable food store mandatory in cooler and consume them firstly to prevent them from spoiling.

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