Sweet and juicy fruit pears

Sweet and juicy fruit pears , superplod who does wonders!

Pears are among the favorite winter fruits of much of the Earth’s population. The fruits of pear is juicy, sweet and has a wide range of varieties.

Among other things, they are terribly useful, mostly because of the low in fat and calories.

They are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals.

The trend in recent years shows that pears are about to become a superfood.

The benefits of consumption of pears is quite large and varied. They help to more easily and lightly breathing.

Pear fruit of the future

9 Health and Nutrition Benefits of Pears

In China, for example, pears used even as a drug in lung diseases.

Because of the high content of glutathione, which has antioxidant, pear juice increases the immunity of the lungs and thus assist in the formation of infection.

Naturally with such problems should first consult your doctor. Pears are proving very useful in other widespread disease – in diabetes.

There their content of polyphenols appears to be a protective effect against the development of diabetes type two and helps to regulate and reduce blood glucose in the blood.

It recommended anyone to eat unpeeled pears least five times a week.

Pears are also recommended for pregnant women because they are very nutritious and contain folic acid, which is very important in the course of a normal pregnancy.

A larger pear provides at least 14 micrograms of folic acid in early pregnancy is strongly recommended their consumption as a natural folic acid. Pear turns and anti-allergic.

Not surprisingly, is used for feeding the baby, the first fruit that is given to a small child because of the delicious juice is very unlikely to cause him some kind of allergic reaction.

Pears protect bones

Fruit of the month: Pears - Harvard Health

They contain high levels of vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and the mineral boron, which in turn helps the body retain calcium in the human body.

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of pears is in a hangover.

They can reduce the level of alcohol in the blood and follow him headaches and temporary malaise.

The only condition is to eat before you sit down to celebrate, not after the morning.

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