Superfoods among traditional products

Superfoods among traditional products always have higher prices and generally most people can not afford them. So even in our kitchen and our latitudes there are products that also have excellent health properties, and that we can buy far more affordable. Here are some typical products.

Beetroot is rich in vitamins and minerals, vegetable and helps to purify the liver. Moreover, its use will clear accumulated toxins from the gallbladder, kidneys. Last but not least, stabilize and blood sugar levels;
Potatoes contain many nutrients vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and to be really beneficial for the body should be eating baked;

Typical products for your kitchen

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Spinach. Probably not able to say anything about this leafy green vegetable that will surprise his fans. Chlorophyll, because that spinach is green, is very similar in composition to hemoglobin contained in blood. In other words – its regular consumption will improve the composition of the blood and increase the body’s defenses.

Garlic and onions. In these two vegetables there are many ingredients that act strengthening the immune system, have antibacterial properties and are recognized as a natural antibiotic.

The bean is great competition of meat and fish, with regard to the amount of proteins, which contains – 75%. In addition, it has sufficient vitamins and carbohydrates, carotene, potassium, copper, zinc, etc.

Nuts – these are the richest in omega-3 fatty acids, nuts, and vegetable oils that have in themselves, prevent inflammation, arthritis and even asthma.

The best products for your kitchen

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Raspberries are great aromatic fruits with almost no calories, but with plenty of minerals and vitamins. They contain valuable antioxidants that help the digestive process. Moreover, they are particularly useful for the work of the kidneys.

Pumpkin is particularly rich in vitamin C – also contains vitamin E, beta-carotene much. This is useful for stomach, heart, helps with eye problems and so on. It is also known that the pumpkin has a rejuvenating effect and is a natural aphrodisiac.

Watermelon is a refreshing summer fruit and a preventative effect on some cancers. It has a large content of potassium, which helps regulate the functions of the heart. Last but not least, watermelon purified great body of toxins, the seeds they are good for the kidneys.

Chicken is a good source of zinc, which regulates the level of appetite and testosterone in men. Also contains protein, phosphorus, calcium, and the like. Reduces stress levels.

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