Strawberry spinach cake

Fast and easy to prepare strawberry spinach cake for 12 pieces.

Products for the shape 22-24 cm:
50 g fresh spinach leaves
100 ml of fresh milk
2 eggs

Strawberry spinach cake

Strawberry spinach cake, very sweet and delicious for children’s dessert

120 g of sugar
100 ml of oil
180 g of flour
10 grams of baking powder

Cream: (the ganache is prepared a day in advance)

200 g of crushed white chocolate
200 g of hot liquid cream
300 g of Philadelphia natural cream cheese
grated bark of 1 lemon

Strawberry sauce:

250 g strawberries
50 g of sugar
1/2 lemon juice
20 g of natural corn starch

Something else:

400 grams of strawberries
mint, lemon balm or basil for decoration

Preparation of Strawberry spinach cake

Blat: Pour the spinach leaves with boiling water. Cover the container and leave it for 10 minutes to soften. Squeeze the spinach well and pour over it with milk. Pass to smoothness. In a bowl, whisk up the fluffy cream and eggs. Add spinach milk, oil and vanilla.

Pour the flour over the baking powder and stir. You will rarely get cake dough. Cover round with baking paper and put a bowl or refractory glass in the middle. Pour the dough into the mold and bake in a heated 180 * oven for about 30-35 minutes. Check the preparedness with a wooden stick. Cool swamps and cut its edges for a better look. Cut it horizontally in two halves.

Cream: pour chocolate with hot cream and whip up everything smooth with a blender. Pour the mixture into a bowl, cover with nylon foil and store in the refrigerator for 1 day. The next day, with a mixer, brew for a short time the cream cheese. Add the chilled garlic, which must be thickened condensed milk consistency. Season with vanilla and lemon peel. Beat the cream with a mixer at medium speed until it becomes thick and suitable for injection molding.

Strawberry sauce: Cut the strawberries into halves and sprinkle them with sugar. Cook on low heat until soft. Add the lemon juice and the starch dissolved in some cold water. Boil one more time and paste everything to smoothness (determine the density of the sauce, if you like less, add some water or reduce the amount of starch to 1 teaspoon). Scrape the sauce through the sieve and cool.

Place one blade in a flat dish. Inject half of the cream and cover with the second swamp. Apply the remaining cream again with a syringe. Top the fruits, pour over with strawberry sauce and decorate with fresh mint, lemon or basil. Once the marshes are level, cut each horizontally into two. You will get 4 thin boards. Put one of them on the bottom of a flat toast plate. Pour the main cream into the post. Apply a little cream on the board and spread evenly with a spatula.

Draw a board of cream. Chip half of the caramel bananas and syrup. The cream board will keep caramel from spilling out. On the bananas, place a second plate and spread with more creamy cream. Cover the third card. Just like the first, apply a little cream and make a board. Put the remaining bananas and cover with the last board. Press everything carefully with your palms. Straighten the cake and spread it with a ganash cream. Store it in the fridge for 1 day and decorate as desired. Enjoy! The cake is extremely delicious, aromatic and very gentle as a consistency.

Do not syrupy the swamps. In just one day they will absorb the moisture from the cream, and the caramel sauce of the bananas will absorb them. If you do not need such a high cake, you can cut products in half or make it in a bigger form. If you liked the layout of my cake, you can see how the “woody bark” I’m putting on the cake with, and the “forest moss” around the mushrooms.

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