Small culinary secrets for housewives

Small culinary secrets for housewives  who do not like to cook. Every good hostess has tricks and tricks that he uses in the kitchen to prepare his meals.

Here are some useful when cooking. To keep the meat from frying, add some pieces of chopped carrot to the fat.

If you prefer steaks to be soft, you need to pretreat them for a few hours with fat and vinegar. If you are preparing a brain, it will help to ease the peeling off if you immerse it for a few minutes in warm water.

When frying onions, if you do not want to have burned edges, it is good to roll the onion into flour and it will get a golden color.

To be well-cooked meat, it must boil over three hours if hen if mutton or veal tongue – up to three hours, beef, pork, duck and goose from one to two hours, chicken half to one hour.

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We can see if the oil is hot enough to let go of a piece of bread. If foam is formed around it and the bread rolls up, then we can fry the flesh.

The frying liver will be tastier if you put it for two minutes in hot water before washing it with cold water.

If you want to cook stewed meat faster, it is advisable to add citric acid, wine vinegar, pomegranate juice or tomato paste.

The smell that fills the kitchen when we cook cabbage can be avoided. It is enough on the pan to put a damp cloth. It acts as a filter and keeps the bad smell.

For the broth to remain clear when warmed, it must be on a quiet fire and as soon as the broth brews, we immediately remove it from the heat.

Small culinary secrets for hosts

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When you get a new cast iron pan, before you start using it, you must first heat it and then rub it with salt. This will extend your life and make it easier for you to clean it.

Every good housewife has little secrets and cunning that help her to be a witch in the kitchen. Catch up and use these tricks to turn culinary into passion, not a routine duty.

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