Seeds of papaya medicinal properties

The seeds of papaya medicinal properties contain nutrients that support the liver and kidney health, by preventing the occurrence of renal failure. Their antiinflammatory properties facilitate the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic diseases. The seeds contain an alkaloid that kills worms and other harmful parasites in the human body.

In seeds contain papain, which helps efficiently processed proteininite. Here’s how to use seeds from the papaya. 5-6 seeds of the fruit is chopped or crushed and put in a small amount of lemon juice. The mixture drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Can be ground in a blender with a little water, thus obtaining a mixture for the treatment of diseased kidneys. If you mix the ground seeds with a glass of milk is obtained ideal tool for calming the stomach.

To remove parasites in the body are accepted seeds for a week – in the morning on an empty stomach every day. You should know that seeds are excellent natural contraceptives for women and men. They have no side effects in long use as contraceptives that are available in the pharmacy. The seeds can be eaten raw, but can and dried. Suffice it to use 10 grains per day. Note that taste slightly peppery, like that of pepper.

Eat them as diluted with water or lemon juice. Besides the sweet fruit with nice saturated orange color, widely used both in the kitchen and in medicine are the leaves and seeds of papaya. Why medicine I mentioned? Because the fruits of this tree are extremely powerful protection against cancer and have effective medicinal properties.

Recently it began to spread a lot of information about “achieved miracles” in the consumption of papaya and nowadays thanks to the Internet it reaches us. The seeds have a sharp and peppery flavor, making them almost unpleasant to eat.

* They have antibacterial properties and are effective in the fight against E. coli (E. Coli), Salmonella (Salmonella) and staphylococcal infections (Staphylococcus).
* Protect your kidneys from toxin-induced renal failure.

Eliminate intestinal parasites

7 health benefits of papaya seeds | HealthShots

* Actively encourage and help detoxify the liver.
* Calming effect on inflamed hemorrhoids, as regular consumption of papaya led to their partial shrinkage or complete disappearance.

* Helps balancing the increased acidity in the body when eating cooked food, animal products and other sugars.
It is interesting to know that the amount of beta carotene in papaya is more than in carrots. Vitamin C does contain more than it has in the kiwi. Besides the listed vitamins, papaya is rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium and is one of the most alkaline fruit known to mankind today.

Papaya also contains arginine – vital amino acid that activates HGH hormone involved in the reconstruction of damaged tissues as well as in the formation of new cells in the liver, muscles and bones. Several times come across recipes involving seeds of papaya. Even now we have published such a site.

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