Rosehip jam and rosehip tea

rosehip jam

How to prepare rosehip jam and rosehip tea at home

As autumn comes time to make rosehip jam and rosehip tea. For the many benefits of these wonderful fruits is written much. You can find a bunch of recipes on how to cook sweet rose hip, hip marmamalad, tea and whatnot. But if you know how to pick rose hips? Because in picking prickly bush has its craftsmanship. In the gallery above you can see how picking rosehips, so you have quality fruits without Nader your hands:

Observe color

Wild rose hips begin to ripen by the end of August and can be harvested until early November. It all depends on whether grow colder or warmer places and access to light. To identify whether they are ripe, watch their color. Ripe hips should be dark red;

Do not pick roadside briar

Briars grow everywhere and probably traveling with his car somewhere, you’ve seen countless protruding dog roses. In no case did not pick just those hips. They have already consumed all noxious gases of vehicles and although not poisonous, definitely not good for our health. Choose these shrubs that grow deep in the forests or higher in the mountains;

rosehip fruits

How to prepare jam and hip rosehip tea at home and to preserve the beneficial ingredients of this magical fruit, rose hip wine ripe rose hips

To pick rose hips you must be supplied with scissors, thick gloves and a cloth or paper bag. But again remember that hip bush has a very sharp spines and caution in picking him;

Only bright red berries

Choose only those berries that are bright red in color. That the bush has ripe fruit, does not mean that all such;

For hip tea and wine

If you use the hips to make jam or marmalade, you can only cut fruits. But if you want to make hip tea or wine, it is better to crop wild rose with 2 cm from its branch.

At least experienced herbalists recommended. When the fruits are dry, they are easily separated from the stem;

You can revitalize and hydrate your hair by mixing a decoction of rosehip with oat bran. Add 1 tablespoon them lemon juice – apply the mixture to dry hair and wait half an hour. Then rinse.

Rosehip tea is prepared by flood some dried fruits herb and leave to brew for ten minutes, then strain. He has a very astringent taste, so you can add a little honey to sweeten.

Potion do this

– Heat the half liter of water after boiling, pour 3 tablespoons Rosehips. Cook ten minutes in a closed container and then drink 1 cup of coffee three times a day.


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