Root vegetables for health and longevity

Root vegetables for health and longevity immediately think of carrot, celery or parsley. In practice, however, all vegetables cultivated for their underground part, fall in that number. So the group of root can be characterized as radish, horseradish, potatoes, radishes, etc.

During the cold winter months palette of these vegetables is scarce, but most vegetables in this group can be found on the market almost all year round. So we constantly seize it and them to us constantly at hand thanks to his great durability. Thus the body will e astrada the lack of vitamins and minerals and even our tasty.

Carrots for strong vision and a strong stomach.

The 13 Healthiest Root Vegetables

Carrots are a source of valuable substances. One of the most vezhnite beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A. This vitamin helps your vision. It is enough to eat only one carrot a day can improve your eyesight.

Carrots also contains vitamins B, E and K, lecithin, potassium, iodine, magnesium and several minerals. They managed to activate metabolism, slow the aging process, strengthen the heart and enhance circulation.

Carrots are different from most vegetables, the fact that they are more useful in the boiled version otkolokoto raw.
Celery potency against depression. Celery was used in ancient times in ancient Egypt as an aphrodisiac. It is known in folk medicine with the wail beneficial effect on male potency. Celery is three in one – vegetable, spice and a medicine. It contains many essential oils and hence its specific aroma and flavor.

It protects the body from bacteria and fungus destroys kidney infections urinary tract. We can say for purposes that is feared by influenza and colds. Celery can help us with problems and diseases of the stomach and intestines and even prevent colon cancer. Celery can be eaten raw in combination with different types of salads to pickles and boiled or fried. Often used for soups and vegetable dishes.

Red turnip purifies the body and prevents tumors.

Root Vegetables: A Hardy Bunch — The Food Co-op

It is extremely useful vegetable. In boiled state has a higher concentration of mineral substances. Red turnip is known as a valuable rejuvenating agent. It contains silicon, which strengthens bones and blood vessels, gives the skin elasticity and improves the condition of our hair.

It also contains folic acid and at the same time enhances the formation of hormones, such as dopamine and noradrenaline. Red radish juice contains many vitamins and minerals recommended for the treatment of tumors. Manages to lower cholesterol, strengthens immunity. It can be a real panacea because it promotes cell growth and banishes fatigue.

Parsley helps us to better digestion and an aphrodisiac. In parsley contains large amounts of essential oils and flavonoids. It is very useful for people with kidney problems, helping to urinoobrazuvaneto. It also relieves menstrual disorders and intestinal colic, helps with bloating. Able to enhance the formation Mr. astomashni activates enzymes and stomach activity. Parsley is rich in manganese, which is important for the strength of our bones. Incorporates potassium, calcium and magnesium, it is used as an aphrodisiac.

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