Right foods for female breasts

Right foods for female breasts is good to know, because in addition to having aesthetic value and functional value. According to statistics conducted worldwide first thing that attracts the attention of men and women are women’s breasts. Breasts are different: large and small, shaped and shapeless, but more importantly is that they are intended for infant feeding.
In addition to food function chest also play an important role in sex because they are a strong erogenous zone and play an important aesthetic function. Interesting are the facts of statistic that shows that about 18% of women left breast is slightly to the right and more developed than the right.
It is believed that the shape of the breasts depends on the kind to which it belongs woman and is often likened to the delicious fruit – African women have breasts like pears, European women are orange forms, while Asians are shaped lemons.

The best foods for female breasts

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Based on the fact that breast first source of nutrition for newborns and babies is good to know that milk produced by them, is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Mothers having milk, the need to obtain and accept the quality and healthy food.
Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which in turn is responsible for the healthy appearance of the skin. In addition, the fat in olive oil are extremely important for protecting the chest of the onset of mastitis.

Herring and mackerel, like olive oil, they contain essential fats, but phosphorus needed for building bones of the infant.
Citrus fruits or hips are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, protecting against the development of tumors. Leafy vegetables are sources of magnesium and folic acid. They have anti-inflammatory effect and protect the mammary gland. Eggs – a source of lecithin, trace elements and proteins.
They have the ability to remove toxins from the body. Honey, pollen and royal jelly – they contain all the periodic table and bee products are extremely useful. Pumpkin seeds – they contain zinc, which enhances the immune system of the neonate. Lactic acid products – they contain large amounts of calcium, protein and vitamin C.

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