Reject harmful foods

Reject harmful foods

Reject harmful foods when consuming unhealthy foods

The easy trick to reject harmful foods. Even for those of us who have the healthiest and hardest intentions not to look at harmful foods, it is incredibly difficult to resist literally the thousands of temptations we see daily in the shops – biscuits, chocolates, sausages, burgers and other bakeries that always look more than appealing.

No matter how strong the will of man is, there comes a moment when the nose or thirst of the palate surrenders us, and we give the will of temptation.

Sometimes this is inevitable. But according to a new study, the best thing a person can do in such a critical situation of unhealthy temptation is to go alone and serve without waiting for him to serve.

For example, on the table in front of you, they put a magnificent chocolate cake with tons of cream, fluffy and candied marshmallows.

cake recipe

Actually killing some bacteria that protect us from various diseases

In that case, do not wait for someone else to cut you a piece, but grab the knife and let your conscience cut off the piece.

The results of the new study are published in the Marketing Reporter magazine. It shows that people eat less unhealthy foods when they serve themselves, instead of when someone else gives them a plate.

The authors of the study, Linda Hagen and Brent McFarran, are convinced that once a person has internal motivation to limit [harmful food], he has a sub-conscious mechanism of protection.

This mechanism is immediately switched on when the brain surrenders to temptation, and instead of a huge portion of the obesity consumed, it uses a much smaller amount of food.

Apart from this, self-serving of unhealthy food includes certain actions such as getting out of the place, going to a table, returning, etc.

Stop harmful foods

healthiest and hardest intentions not to look at harmful foods,

This, on the one hand, may give you time to reflect on and the power of temptation to reduce, and on the other – leads to the consumption of (albeit insignificant) calories.

This rule does not apply to healthy food. Then, even if we serve it, our subconscious defense mechanism does not turn on and we quietly eat it without worrying that it will harm our health.

Consumption of any unhealthy food reduces the number of micro-organisms in the intestine by about a third, scientists are convinced.

If a person begins to live a balanced diet and eat a varied and healthy diet, you can protect yourself from this problem. The discovery of specialists also explains why some people are picking up pounds, while others do not pick up grams, even though they have approximately the same amount of carbohydrates, fats, etc.

The study specialists are working at the Royal College of London and head of the the entire study is Professor Tim Spectrum. The findings made by scientists support past research on this issue and show that the problem is far from just overdosing.

Microorganisms found in the intestinal flora also play a significant role in the repulsion of harmful microbes as well as in the regulation of metabolism.

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